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Who said it was ever the Federal governments right or responsibility to create CHIPS in the first place. As far as medical care, lets not forget that most of the harm done to medical care and delivery was created by the federal government in the first place…


Americans continue to worry about specific issues including taxes, Obama’s healthcare law, trade policy, manufacturing jobs, immigration, the 24 million illegally in our Country , and social issues such as Single Parent Households , Drug/Alcohol Abuse ( close these illegal State sponsored Marijuana shops , Violence in communities , Shifting Economy respect for our laws and law enforcement , and most importantly Erosion of National Pride/Identity . For those voters, on issue after issue, Trump was the only answer. Trump’s to-do list are a renegotiation of trade deals(NAFTA and TTP ), tax reform LOWER TAXES and an overhaul of Barack Obama’s healthcare law and REMOVE MANDATES , restore order by enforcing ALL Federal laws , overhaul immigration and deportation of illegals , and restore our national identity .


Why are people so filthy rotten nasty and continue to peddle lies? 78% of Haitian immigrants are AT LEAST as educated as average Americans.


School System in Haiti

There is a Preschool option that about 22% attend.

Primary or Fundamental is grades 1-6 with a National test at 6th It is mandatory that every child from age 6 to 11 go to school. The reality is only 50% go as far as 6th grade.

Secondary school is 7 more years which starts at grade Sixeme, which would be our equivalent of 7th grade then Cinqieme, (8th), Katrieme (9th). To go on to the next level another National exam must be passed and they then go to Twaziem, Seconde, then Retro when they must pass a National exam and the final year is called Filo which they again take a National test. All the testing happens in July.

From there students can go into Professional school, University or Vocational Schools.

There is a very detailed examination of the History and current conditions of Haiti”s Educational system at

They must have been the cream of the crop then given that only 50% of the population makes it to the 6th grade…


Woohoo, you go Lindsey Graham. Looks like the White House staff is giving the president bad advice, and is “irrational” on immigration. Fired up Graham, defends Dick Durbin and made it quite clear that the DACA kids need not worry, there WILL be a solution that serves them. No deportations of DACA kids. Graham even conceded that Bush and Obama both tried hard to get this done and he hopes Trump will close this deal. Graham claims that something changed with the president between 10:00 am and noon on Thursday which he claims was bad advice from the White House staff. Think Miller/Kelly.


SEN. RAND PAUL said when I was NOT a candidate for president and Trump WAS NOT a candidate for president, I went to Haiti on a medical mission trip. I did about 200 cataract surgeries with a group of surgeons in Haiti and the same in Central America. And when we asked Donald J. Trump as a private citizen to support those trips, he was a large financial backer of both medical mission trips. What was Durban’s financial contrition ? How much did Menendez , Bennet , Graham, or Flake donate , NOTHING !
Hillary Clinton took in hundreds of millions of dollars for a hospital in Haiti that went to the Clinton Foundation, that was never built. Where was the outrage for these poor souls then ? Media and liberals silent !

There were some 600,000 Haitians or people of Haitan descent in the Dominican Republic, most of whom are affected a law. Durban said ; "We’re trying to make sure as many of them are forced to leave or return to Haiti, that it is being done in a humane, orderly way . Where was all that compassion then ? Does Dicky Durban respect Dominican law more that US law ?


Lindsey Graham is just trying to save face for his gang of 6. Their were plenty of people in the room who had much stronger views of what was acceptable. Trump himself stated that the wall, chain migration and visa lotteries. The audio in this report didn’t say anything about defending Durbins claim… I think DACA is going to be done but Trump and the many people in this country who want to see this problem fixed permanently will not be rolled over… Trumps doing fine Graham and his democratic cohorts are on the back foot… and I do so hope they shut down the government over this… Woohoo !


BULLSHIT !!! 45% of Haitian students entering the first grade in Haiti did NOT go to the second grade after four years of repetition , and 50% of those finally making it to the second grade are unable to reach grade 6 . A whopping 70% of eligible population actually enter the first grade . Give me a break , is this what you lefties really want in order to better a Nation ? Where is the merit ? How much farther do you want your base to sink ?


When exactly was Graham elected president ? :roll_eyes: shrug


Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin have been working on trying to fix immigration for 15 years. They’re not going to let the TIC and that Nazi Miller screw this up. Graham defended the integrity of Durbin today. We’ll see if the TIC can pull his head out of his ass on this.


And that’s the very problem ! 16 years and we are deeper in this mess than ever before . The base will have their say , and it will be NO AMNESTY ! BEEN THERE DONE THAT !


They haven’t been trying to ‘fix’ anything. Neither one of them has attempted to go to the heart of the matter… employers. Neither of them has pushed mandatory E-Verify and neither of them has pushed the kind of border enhancements that was promised by every president since Reagan… Show me one provision that they have put forth to end anchor babies or chain migration… NADA…


As they say " all hat ,no cattle " :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Wait a minute!!! Apparently you don’t understand big business, globalization, open borders and what Graham and Durbin mean when they talk about “fixing” immigration. The TIC is just a temp at the WH.


What were they supposedly working to ‘fix’ then?.. seems to me that the broken immigration policies created in the 1986 immigration reform were working perfectly with reference to your comment… So you are saying that they were working to break any immigration laws so that someone like Trump couldn’t come along and defend our sovereign borders???


Montecristo—The PLACE they come from is a shithole, thanks to the KKKlinton KKKlan stealing 1.5 billion that was earmarked to restore the place! I NEVER said Haitians were evil people or uneducated. YOU said I did. Your comprehension skills are poor.


Say “The people coming across the southern border live in hellholes. They don’t like that. They want to come here. Our problem is we can’t have everybody in the world who lives in a hellhole come into America. We’re just gonna have to create order out of chaos.
So you’ve got to do something on the southern border you don’t do on the northern border, but if you don’t agree that the difference is jobs, then we just don’t agree. There are 11 million people coming through the southern border because they come from countries where they can’t find work and life is miserable.”


Stevie John is plain and simple a TROLL , NOTHING MORE ! He adds zero to any post he gets involved in and loves to be a SHIT stirrer and he is lacking at that lately . :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Well, as they say “He who stirs the pot should be forced to lick the spoon.” :laughing::laughing: