American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


The tariffs placed on imported steel and aluminum triggered a huge price increase in American made steel and aluminum early this year.American Keg Co.of Pottstown pa. is being forced out of business because of these tariffs.They had to lay off one third of their 30 employees earlier this year as their kegs are no longer price competative with those imported from China,France and Germany.We do not have tariffs on finished goods coming from these countries so they can sell an imported 1/2 keg for $95 while American Keg has to charge $115 to make a meager profit.Unless they get some relief the last American stainless steel keg maker will be history.


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YES KEY IN AMERICAN KEG CO.being put out of business by Trumps tariffs.It’s local news on TV here in Pa.


Fake news …


Not to the poor bastards losing their jobs!!!


Prob to much competition, or union wages


Some of what you posted is accurate. Most not. The CEO of the company is demanding more tarriffs on Chinese finished goods. He’s not asking for the tarriffs to be removed.

I even posted a left wing source just to prove the point.

CEO Paul Czachor was in Washington on Wednesday to testify in support of the additional $200 billion being proposed in tariffs on specific goods from China. He said the list of products includes an important item — finished steel kegs — the same ones that are being imported and taking market share from his company.

Czachor said stainless steel prices for the materials he’s using have increased by around 21 percent since the fourth quarter of 2017, when 232 tariffs were being discussed.

“We lost a lot of customers who can’t pay these high prices. We have to try to stay afloat waiting for tariffs,” Czachor said. “Our overall opinion is that the 232 tariffs were probably justified but our position is that the administration has some unfinished business. They should look downstream at companies like ours.”


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No the cost of domestic steel went through the roof after Dirty Donald put tariffs on imports,it’s not just this company hurting because of his tariffs.Florida builders of luxury boats are also laying off because the costs of their imported boat materials have gone through the roof adding a million dollars to a four million boat causing all foreign buyers to cancel their orders.His tariffs are killing small business.


No, unfair trade deals have been killing all American businesses for decades. As tarriffs go into effect there will be some ripples in the pond, but the stone must be thrown.


Falcooon thinks other countries should rape us.


I can find that the company is feeling the heat, laid off a third of the workforce, but not going out of business. The company seems hopeful in the presidents strategy despite the fact that it’s hurting them. That’s the oddity of the Trumper anyway…


It’s called riding the wave…


Trump never says anything like that. He just doubles down and attacks the companies complaining that he’s hurting them. It’s very early in this, we’ll see later on whether Trump helps or hurts America.


And not a link to prove what you posted.


And not 1 shred of proof, so far all we have is your opinion.


You mean like the poor bastards that lost their jobs when they off shored the work.

Where was your compassion then???


Only one stainless steel keg maker exists in the USA and this one is it LOOK IT UP ON YOU PHONE OR PC!!!


Fake news …


Can you post a link that supports the op, I’ve looked it up and can’t find that they are going out of business???