American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


But that’s not me. I don’t speak for them.


Was it prudent to continue doing what had been done in the past? Would it require escalation to achieve extrication?.. I don’t know… do you?


I guess your not so much for the ‘spreading of democracy’… just the transfer of ‘assets’ from the DOD to your favorite programs… fiscal prudence…


Mathis is a warrior… While I respect him highly as a military professional and I don’t think that he undertakes killing lightly, I don’t think he is a proponent of a barracks idled fighting force and I am pretty sure he sees lots of nails out their with which to use a hammer.


USFP transcends administrations. For example, we have been attempting regime change in Syria since the 1940’s. There’s nothing to win, it’s about permanent war economy.


He’s all Trump has left. And he has restrained Trump somewhat already. But unfortunately, Mattis could be gone soon as well.


Well, neverminding the fact that the US not only hasn’t been successful at that, most attempts have been to overthrow democratic governments replacing them with right wing dictatorships. And of course it’s also not America’s business to be interfering in foreign governments to begin with.


Assuming that you’re talking about Mattis, he says that Trump has the understandings of a fifth grader.


Quoting a Bob Woodward Book? Lol Mattis said he never said it… I believe Mattis not the no source Woodward


Yeah… I thought you would be hot on the quotes of Woodward… Seems that Mattis and others have already denied the parts of the ‘book’ in which they appear. Apolitical hit piece by a once was journalist…but I am just that it will boost the mileage of your one liners… :roll_eyes:


Well of course Mattis is going to deny it, what else could be expected. But Woodward is a decorated and well respected investigative journalist by even Donald Trump. He has hundreds of hours of tapes, multiple witnesses present for all his claims.


Well, I am sure that he will come forward with irrefutable evidence for his claim then. As far as Mattis and others denying these claims, it seems funny to me that they would deny them after supposedly saying that it is the worse job they ever had… Hell, them quiting Trump would automatically set them up for life…


You’ll read the book for that.


What is it, a talking book?.. now that should suit some of the people who can’t read :joy::joy:


It may actually be available in that format…too





This jobless claim does have some flaws… The one thing that is overlooked in trumps favor and was highlighted against Obama is the number of people considered not in the labor force and importantly they number of Americans who come into the job market each year which is about 2 million a year. The numbers and the revised numbers of ‘new jobs created’ do not equal the sustain rate. Also the ratio of people who are actually in or would be in the job market today is far different than it was in 1969. While, all in all, I think Trump is moving things in the right direction, we must be aware that he will use massaged data to make himself look good just like every other president.


Of course the use of tariff as a lever to maintain or create a particular industrial base in your own country has its perils. Tariffs whether one chooses to recognize it or not lite the fuse of the civil war. Companies are going to complain and profits will suffer but the fact is, the US has given away its manufacturing base and has outsourced the very consumerism that keeps this bloated government afloat. We export our abilities and our wealth, at what point do we as a nation determine that it is better to have a smaller but stable quality of life over the dependency created by handing our ability and money to someone else in return for cheap junk. This ‘trade war’ in my opinion is something that should have been addressed at least a decade ago but when you have globalists making wealth for themselves and their posterity off of trade pacts that ultimately harm the United States of America and the many people who do not benefit from globalization it is hard to see that Trumps tough love is a net benefit.


From what I read the CEO is wanting Trump to look at adding a tariff on finished kegs being imported. Other than that he seems rather upbeat and did agree with the tariff on imported steal.

My experience with imported SS is that it’s co-mingled junk. Food manufactures refuse to use SS pipe made from imported SS or imported SS pipes.

A National Contractor a few years back ran miles of SS pipe in 3 dairy’s in the MW. After about 8 months of use the SS pipes started to pit and crack on the inside. Come to find out the SS pipe came from China and was made using old crystallized SS scrap. The contractor had to replace all of the SS piping.