American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


FORD Motors has just announced it will be laying off 12% of it’s 202,000 workforce most coming from it’s &0,000 white collar work force.The company has lost over one Billion from it’s bottom line because of the Dirty Donald tariffs on steel aluminum and auto parts.


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The story of 10% lay off os from 2017. Has absolutely nothing to do with tariffs. Your a fake news distributor worthy of another flag.

p.s. there is nothing on the internet for laying off 12% of their workforce.

Updated: May 16 2017 01:44PM EDT

(WJBK) - The Wall Street Journal is reporting Monday night that Ford Motor Company plans to lay off about 10 percent of its global workforce. The cuts could mean that as many as 20,000 people could lose their jobs.

The journal says the job could be outlined as early as this week, and will largely target salaried employees.

Ford, which has about 200,000 employees, did not confirm the report as of Monday night.

Reported Ford cuts inevitably affecting southeast Michigan, expert warns

In a statement, the company said it’s focused on reducing costs and improving efficiency. But Ford said it hasn’t announced any job cuts and won’t comment on speculation.

As a side note, Ford is ending production of automobiles and focusing on SUV’s and trucks as auto sales are soft.

Why do you keep posting lies???


You think anyone believes your unverified bullshit?..your like a $10 hr birthday clown that ran out of jokes…


No, Ford need to build a better and more competitive vehicle, as well as invest in more automation. Ford’s market share has been in decline for some time, because the competition have a more competitive product


Ford builds a good vehicle.

I have 3 fords all are as good or better than anything that is provided by foreign automakers overseas or in the US.

But that is my perspective.

My Ford Fiesta gets 42-44 MPG on the highway, my escape 120K runs well and neither have had a major problem. My Fusion is to knew to have had a problem and get 30mpg on the highway.

Ford is dropping autos from their lineup as Americans are not buying autos as they focus on SUV’s and pick ups. Personally when we return to 4 buck a gallon gas, Ford will regret that decision.


We are all entitled to our perspective, but my perspective is that they have lost their way. Their market share in Europe is also sliding


It’s an interesting perspective, at one time Japanese auto’s were junk as were American autos. Today, both provide excellent transportation.

The difference is today people perceive Japanese products superior to American auto products yet American products provide excellent performance.

Is it the marketing aspect?

I drove a Hyundai with a 100K warranty and it was no better than a GM or Ford. All offer the same options and there in little difference in styling. I have relatives with a Camry, it leaks oil and is rather generic inside, yet it is touted as a wonderful auto. My Fusion is a far better auto as it has more power, is better designed and doesn’t;t leak oil on an incline. Yet they tout the Camry as a better auto.


It maybe a while before we hit $4 a gallon gas but $3 is right around the corner.Ford’s stock price has tanked.


Higher gas prices will force people to buy economy cars

Ford is well placed for economy in their auto line


Sheeit…I’ve been paying $3.75 gal for the past year or so…


Not anymore Ford is discontinuing all sedan production.Concentrating on SUV,s and trucks.


Now American icon Sears is about to declare bankruptcy, not that many years ago Sears Roebuck catalog could provide everything an American could want from cradle to grave


Amazon is slowly putting department stores out of business. Except those who are venturing into online sales.


Companies come and companies go… Gibsons started the Superstore trend but WalMart won after casting KMart to the ditch. Sears was caught between the brick and mortar operation and the Amazon convenience… They couldn’t maintain the store as malls are also a thing of the pasts and their cradle to grave catalog can’t compete with the variety and efficiency of Amazon…


High end retailer Lord &Taylor is currently holding a complete sell off of all merchandise in their flagship 5thAve.N.Y. store .They are also closing other stores across the country in downsizing effort.


Welcome to the World of competition. If you don’t provide the customer with the goods, services and prices the consumer is looking for, your dead in the water


But we don’t want competition… We want Bernie and we don’t want any confusing choice in deodorant either… only two… one for him and the other for her… unless we need a third for it… and a forth for ‘indeterminate’… OH and ‘Ze’ has a different smile too…


Scott, this is where your argument has a flaw, there are at least 72 genders, you’ll need deodorant for each gender, but the alternative and more likely scenario would be, the new socialist economy will be in total shite, no one will be able to afford deodorant as the socialists will have run out of people to steal from


A society of very stinky… and likely hungry people… … Hum… I saw a spelling error in my first comment… I didn’t mean to imply that ‘Ze’s’ were somehow happier than others… :grin: