American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


Lol falcooon is delirious … take your meds old man


I didn’t say they were going out of business,I said unless they get some relief they will be the last stainless steel keg maker in American history.They say they are losing thousands every month.


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The thread title says they are being put OUT OF BUSINESS by Trump.


So now Trump is to blame for bad business practices by companies now? You do know they couldn’t compete against Chinese and German made Kegs who were selling it cheaper right?

People buy what is cheaper, how is Trump to blame for that? including Tariffs. why didnt they take a pay cut until the Tariff thing is resolved?

Good Lord what is next, Trump will blamed for the laid off workers having diarrhea ?


No dirty falcon never posts link as he makes up just about everything he posts.


They were doing very well UNYIL Dirty Donald put his tariffs into effect.


Another linkless opinion post.


Today we have ELEMENT ELECTRONICS who make TV’s here in South Carolina announcing that the Dirty Donald tariffs are putting them out of business by pushing up the price of the Chinese components needed to make their TV’s.They have informed the government that if they do not get price relief by October 26 they will be forced to close their doors and lay off their 126 workers.


you forgot to mention that that county is also beleaguered and lost other companies which has nothing to do with Trump.

Why didnt you post about SCE and G and Santee Cooper which is State Owned ( so much for the government running businesses) cancelled building a nuclear plant that put 5000 people out of a job…did you forget that?

or the Textile company that shut its door and 200 people lost their jobs, Companies are leaving that rural area, that has nothing do with Trump

Nice try though.


So you do not believe the company Element Electronics???



Trump is a convenient scapegoat
, why arent other TV manufacturers in America going out of business

why this one?


DUH BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES making tv’s in America.


really Falcon, what about Silo Digital and vizio both headquarters and factory in the Democratic people’s republic of California .



ITT: blame Trump for your economic blunders.


Assemble off brand TV’s made from cheap foreign parts, they make nothing.


Not being put out of business necessarily, but having to reduce jobs.

Thing is, the tariffs aren’t what is driving up these prices that much. There seems to be some sort of market dynamic related to supply going on. I assume someone is either hoarding metals or shorting supply because the price increases have been hugely disproportionate to the added tariffs. Since a lot of big financials were engaged in warehousing schemes after the recession to drive up the cost of metals by shorting supply, I suspect they may be at it again.


Still the fault of tariffs…


Why should we fret over the jobs of american keg makers whose jobs only existed because their employer ignored the concerns of american steelworkers?