American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


Ok, explain…


Breaking news Americans don’t work farming jobs anymore because Democrats are flooding our country with low wage workers who send all
There money back home!


Bullshit. He just needs to learn to adjust and be creative.


American troops have fought and died in wars for years. Now Americans are asked to help in the trade war. What’s wrong with that. He will adapt and overcome I am sure. Maybe he can learn to make kegs out of something else. Thats how inventions are born.


How many businesses went under because of Obama’s regulations ?


Thousand did. Obama destroyed business.


Whenever the government changes something it benefits one group over another. The pre-tariff world helped your kegmakers and hurt other businesses. the post-tariff world hurts your kegmakers and helps other businesses. Here is a company planning to add 250 jobs:


Not that they are my keg makers, but that remains to be seen. This is only just at its beginning, and few, Republican and Democrats alike, agree with Trump’s declaration that trade wars are good and easy to win.


It’s called government picking winners and losers by legislation

Where was the outrage when millions of jobs were lost when companies began outsourcing?

Where was the outrage for workers for TV companies when manufacturing was moved to china? Tool maker workers? Auto parts workers? Personal computer workers?

Millions of jobs offshored and people in the US pretended it never happened. The left is chock full of hypocrisy.


Burden of Proof FALLACY!


Not on your word. Post a link.


Probably fake outrage as nothing was said about the millions of jobs lost outsourcing.


Of course it remains to be seen… not unlike a union strike action against a company, one or both will compromise a solution when the pain gets to great. The US government (I believe deliberately ) has created trade, environmental, regulatory and immigration policy that was designed to drain US capacity for the ‘enrichment of the world’ and at the same time export American wealth, again, for the enrichment of the world. I have said for about the last decade (After it became very clear that the ‘sucking sound’ that Perot described had come to pass, that the US still had the economic clout to win a trade war but as each year goes by, those realities diminish…

I have yet to understand how people can cheer the exportation of US jobs in exchange for cheap products where those profits go to foreign manufacturers and not be disturbed by the eventual end result, particularly when it seems that by theft, industrial spying and lax federal oversight most of hour ‘high tech’ bacon (the new service economy that was going to save the US if everyone just got a college degree) is being being turned into knockoffs as fast as a technology is created… The end result will not be pretty and at the place where we are now, fixing the problem will require a rethink by the American people.


Which begs the question… What happened to Sylvania, Zenith, Curtis-Mathes, RCA and Magnavox? Hint: part of the answer can be found in why your last remaining TV manufacturer has to source its parts in China to stay competitive… you want all the neat products but you want them cheap and you don’t what your backyard polluted… Cheap Chinese capacitors come at a very real price.


That’s quite the accusation. At any rate, as I’ve stated all along, if you can demonstrate that Canada for example is getting the better end of the stick on our NAFTA agreement then we, then send your state department team up there and renegotiate it. They surely need us more than we need them. But why the name calling and the punitive tariffs and alienation of one of if not thee, Chief US ally??? You need to understand Scott that the majority of Americans hate that shit about Trump, hate it!!!


Never thought I’d see you criticizing too little government involvement.


And Trump has what experience at waging trade wars and winning?? Remember, the ever braggart who claims he alone can do everything says they are easy to win.


Vizio is HEADQUARTED in California, but it’s Tv’s are made by Foxconn a Taiwanese company, in Asia somewhere.Usually wherever its cheapest.


Total BULLSHIT !!! The American Keg Company, of Pottstown, Pa., COMPLAINED its prices undercut by kegs imported from China, France and Germany . American Keg continued to source and import kegs from abroad !!


No link falcooon? Fake news then