American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


Read what THEY SAY about themselves !


It’s easy, they cheer as long as it’s not their job being off shored.


It is quite an accusation and some will place it in the ‘tin foil hat’ category but I believe in the fullness of time that global aspirations will pull back the curtain on this conspiracy theory as well. How else do you ‘level’ the worlds inequality and redistribute its wealth while maintaining control of the power levers? Things like Agenda 21 are designed to redistribute populations so why else would the US be party to so many lop-sided trade arrangements where the US loses its manufacturing base and its technological edge to countries like China. Either the US is as Trump has said, terrible negotiators or we are deliberately lowering the standard of living in the US and Europe to the betterment of the rest of the world.


Did I say anything about too little government? US law has created the ability of less than friendly countries to exploit our technologies and US regulations have placed US manufactures at a distinct disadvantage to other countries. People want to focus on wage disparities but the fact is the mountain of regulatory costs and government run ‘trade deals’ are most at fault. Our industrial base, which should be something thought of as crucial in a strategic sense has been lost to other countries because of regulation.

Now, I understand that people want clean air, water and land but the problem has only been moved to another part of the world… Doubtless to say, those countries will go begging to the UN and the WTO saying the ‘rich’ countries should help them clean up their mess… Oh, wait… they are already doing that. The problem is that because of these regulations that please the everyday consumers, they create a cognitive disconnect between the ‘stuff’ they buy and the real implications of their purchase. Drop the regs and let the consumer wallow in their own pollution and perhaps they will make different choices.

This is little different than the disconnect between 98% of Americans and the use of our military around the world. It just doesn’t affect them and their communities. Bring back the real reserve force that actually has to be called up by congress… where doctors, mechanics, teachers and everyday parents have to decide if a war is worth the upheaval caused by the deployment and you will see a different attitude in Congress. With respect to my position on the military deployments of recent decades, like a broke watch that is right 2 out of every 1440 minutes a day, Rachel Maddow put out a book a few years ago called Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power where she lays out this total lack of conscienceless of the vast majority of Americans who have no skin in the war game. … Unsurprisingly, this philosophy can be taken into the subject of social programs where the government solves the problems and the people only pay a tax for all of this to happen… Funny how so much goes back to that ‘little government’ and a mentally lazy populaton.


People scoff when I say this, but US trade policy for the last 35 years has been all about selling more cars abroad. You would be hard pressed to find a serious discussion by the government where automobile exports are not mentioned at least in passing. It has been this peculiar infatuation in trade policy ever since Reagan got out of sorts because Japan was exporting more cars to us than we were to them. These days it is about not hurting sales of Buicks to China because apparently the Chinese really like their Buicks.


I believe it. The automobile industry was the heart of America in many ways. When we started losing it people freaked out


Sell all you have and give to the poor and follow me. People don’t really appreciate much of what he said.


Or not, and kill the environment…


Yeah, I’m sure you’ve given all your wealth to the poor, ROTFLMAO.


Guess I missed that part as Americans buy foreign autos at a record pace.


Assess an immediate special tax on all Americans for each war deployment with the same results.


Well… what is it that you say about the inevitability of change… and you know that you are on the right path… How?


You know the difference between the people who are on Social Security exclusively and those who don’t need to rely on it?.. Personal responsibility. The taxes are something to grip about, actually putting the decisions in peoples hands is where the rubber meets the road… a tax on gratuitous war (particularly when it is done on borrowed money is far different than loosing key people, friends and loved ones in your very own community.


Sure, of course I do and I still agree with Thomas Jefferson, if men were angels, “we wouldn’t need a constitution.” It seems exceedingly naive to me, this notion that people will discipline and behave themselves, completely…


Completely?.. No, of course not… We have basic laws against harming others through violence, coercion and fraud which pretty well take in all cases of misconduct that point to your rights and freedoms encroaching on mine. People learn by their mistakes, not being shielded from them… some people think that no matter what wrong befalls them, the government will step in to protect… even if it was as a result of their own stupidity. Jefferson was correct of course but when you have a government (of men) who have successfully negated a good many provisions of the constitution and the constraints against federal government that it was written for. Some people even think the words shall and will are arbitrary… and this has been going on for many more years than Trump or even modern politics…

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”

— Patrick Henry

“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” - Benjamin Franklin

When you constantly create situations where rights no longer have responsibility or consequence, sooner or later you will see the inability of your population to make even the most basic of decisions.

It always amazes me that the left use the ‘all or nothing’ approach to their discussion… if we have a fire department then of course it stands to reason that we must have cradle to grave government benefits. Firstly, government in our republic is meant to be layered and under our US constitution, the federal government was never intended to have quite the hand that it does in peoples lives. No… we still have plenty of government at the state, county and local levels.


When you find a people that self govern with peace and love towards all, where the lion and the lamb lye together and children play with vipers. Let me know. In the meantime, I’ll take rules, regulations and laws…most conservatives do as well as I see them repeatedly claim that we are a nation of laws and that they are the party of law and order…


There will be a place like that and by the way u described it, u know where…


How condescending of you. Long after your dust Americans will be making their everyday life decisions, just fine…


Where does the constitution provide for taxation for police and fire?

How can you argue that Nixon had a right to ask congress to create the EPA taxing Americans to pay for it?


Well… it doesn’t… that is most likely why you don’t see federally funded fire departments except on federal installations and of course the existence of the FBI has been in question for decades because the only elected law enforcement in the nation are Sheriffs. State Constitution vary on just how they finance facilities and services under their respective constitutions… I can’t argue that Nixon had the right to create the agency and while people might have agreed with its limited scope which was to deal with existing environmental situations via the ‘superfund’, todays EPA is a prime example of both mission creep and the federal government overstepping their bounds…