American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


Its not meant to be condescending at all. You see most of the important decisions people make today done blindly. They seemingly have no concept of the difference between good credit and bad. When a women makes a choice to put herself in the position of pregnancy, she has a litany of get out of jail free cards… much of it provided free or near free at the behest of federal laws. People in 2008 actually had the audacity to sue stock brokers for their very own losses because they ‘chose’ to follow the brokers bad advise. People stopped looking for work and found lax guidelines a blessing when they signed up of disability via social security. Yes, people make decisions every day… but rarely done they think about the health and safety implications because someone else has already decided that they are safe for their children. Speaking of children, the more we know about the US primary schools system… the more we find out at the end of their secondary education that they were taught more of ‘what to think’ than how to think. Whether we wear blue or green on a given day or what gender pronoun or phone plan one chooses is pretty irrelevant in


Oh dear, I can see that you’re uninformed on federal funding/grants to fire departments.

Whether you like it or not, America has evolved far beyond the rural dirt road republic created in 1776, and Americans by and large appreciate it. As I’ve told you before, you’re welcome to eat at restaurants with no regulatory oversite, who govern themselves and are sure to have your interests at heart :roll_eyes:. I refuse to.


That’s just more arrogant condescending bs. How can a guy living in England pretend to know that Americans are all blind to logic and reason in decision making. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Funding for our fire department:


Oh dear, funding from the Federal and state government seems to be missing.

From 2016.

And the amazing part is restaurants are inspected by the county with no federal funds for inspections.


Yes it does, often local funding isn’t adequate.


And none of the Wall Street crocks went to prison…


Yesterday the Dep’t. of Agriculture announced it will begin paying $4.7 Billion in TAXPAYERS MONEY to the farmers who have been financially damaged by Dirty Donalds misguided tariffs.


on top of the subsidies that they also get… rightttttttttttt

and Trump is the blame for that too ?

Does Trump get blamed if some of the farmers get diarrhea and cant find a toilet?


They drop trou in their fields and use it as fertilizer??


Maga, first he borrows 1.3 trillion dollars to give a raise to the pentagon and entitlement spending, and now this. :roll_eyes:


Tariffs work on finished products, they fail when the tariff is on the natural resource that is used in production. Aluminum production in America cannot keep pace with demand and imports are required. Tariffs push the price of imported aluminum and bauxite up, allowing US aluminum to increase its prices as well. American Keg Co along with many others now face a drastic price increase to their raw materials and cannot compete with any other nation that has access to much cheaper aluminum. End result, consumers pay more to offset manufacturing costs.

Tariffs on raw materials = consumption tax paod by consumers. I imagine more will care when beer prices are pushed up due to aluminum tarriffs.


That’s why I homebrew…:laughing:


All his outrage from the left for the millions who lost their jobs when thy were offshore.

One might think this was just the hate for trump syndrome running amok.

Never mind, think, nonsense, proof positive:


Don’t know how bad it’s hurting you guys but it’s cranking up here.


Fake news bullshit!..


George H W Bush negotiated NAFTA!!! And Clinton signed what he negotiated into law. It is bipartisan legislation that Perot was right about but Americans keep voting for republicans and democrats. :roll_eyes:


Ok Ross…:roll_eyes:


Kind of low grade layoffs wouldn’t you say???

Outsourcing to China Cost U.S. 3.2 Million Jobs Since 2001 through 2014.

Did you make a fuss over the 3.2 million unemployed Americans vs a few hundred today? Or is this another tirade against Trump???


Trump already borrowed 1.3 trillion for this years expenses, he wanted to give a raise to entitlement spending and the Pentagon. And now this. :roll_eyes:


LouMan -. The booming economy needs resources like lumber, oil, aluminum, etc. Despite the tariffs canadian lumber and aluminum is still purchased as local supply cant keep up.

Canadian natural resources fuels a good chunk of the american economy…tariffs on Canadian resources like lumber and aluminum is effectively taxes on your economys fuel.