American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


Some of the best food in the world, in a lot of places I have been around the world, are greasy spoons. You of course do your due diligence… locals will know without a doubt what place is good and which isn’t… steer clear of the ones who don’t do well by their customers and if left to the buying public, they will disappear.

Well, as far as federal grants goes, as we see in most areas of the state/federal relationship, the Fed has managed to dangle money it should not be taxing people, in front of states governments in most every area of state governance… Right now the Feds are ‘uparmoring’ local police forces with military grade war machines… Doesn’t make it right… doesn’t make it constitution… and doesn’t necessarily make for a better society…


Local funds aren’t adequate often for smaller more rural fire departments. I would think you’d be approving of the left and east coast liberal enclaves subsidizing the red interior.


And the tariffs that the Canadians have levied on US imports prior to the tariffs were not harmful to our economy?

How do you suggest we lower the trade deficit with China that is in excess or 300 billion a year? That certainly has an effect on our economy. China will certainly not change without a reason to change.

Fair trade is what we should seek instead of free trade which is never free.


Funny how the richest country in the world is crying not fair…:roll_eyes:


Don’t ask the boys in North Carolina with lumber ready to sell


Funny how the richest country in the world is 21 Trillion in debt and accumulating over 600 billion if trade deficit this past year.

Funny, laughable, hilarious until the the dollar is worthless.


Like I said before, knock yourself out if you want to eat at establishments that have no regulatory oversite, and let the people that you’re constantly accusing of being too stupid to make decisions for themselves decide for you what restaurants are the best to eat at.


Those tariffs should never have been, our current liberal govt is a travesty. Alberta supports you and trump, 41% positive, 29% negative. We would be a trump state. These tariffs should be dropped immediately as they are harming both sides. Liberal canada could use a reality on what America is to us.

First, buy your resources from a nation that supports you. 15% of your lumber comes from china and 40% from canada. For every dollar you spend on canadian resources, we canadians spend a dollar on american manufacturing. We buy 20 billion in US cars, 15 billion in US trucks, and 28 billion in us auto parts. Give us more money and we are going to buy more american. In vancouver we cross border shop to the tune of 3 million in eggs alone, milk and gas are also heavily purchased cross border…canada buys american.

You import nearly 84 billion in canadian oil and minerals (which is spent on american goods)…were you aware nafta gives you political control of canada oil? Mexico opted out of that in the original NAFTA clause. Canada (well alberta) said yes, we would prefer american control and ownership instead of ottawa.


As we saw with the state tax cap… they liberal enclaves weren’t helping anyone… they were giving with one hand and taking with the other… :scream:


Of course Leftists are too stupid to even know better, they dont seem to get that if a business wants to stay in business poisoning your customer or selling food that makes them sick isnt the best business plan.

You are dead right, due diligence is always a smart thing, mind you intelligent people tends to use discernment when it comes to these things, Leftists relies on government regulatory agencies to tell them which toilet paper to use and what to do next.


Where do you think the monies are coming from that the federal government is granting to rural fire departments that you first claimed wasn’t even happening??


It’s almost amazing that anybody would oppose regular inspections for safety compliance of food establishments. Thank god that stupid idea will never become policy in America


Its almost embarrassing to think that leftists think that businesses in the business of you know “profiting” will do so by poisoning food and making people sick.

leftists encourages other leftists stupid behavour to think that way, you see normal people if they buy something and it makes them sick, they stop buying that product and if people stop buying that product that company goes out of business real quick

Its like business that sold video tapes, people stopped buying and renting video tapes so guess what happened next?

The FDA is a joke, do you know how many sweeteners the FDA allowed that causes cancer in people?

I dont have a problem with regulatory agencies when they actually do their jobs like the Canadian regulations the prohibits the dairy farmers from using recombinant bovine somatotropin ( rBST ), recombinant bovine growth hormone ( rBGH ) a growth hormone for cows to produce more milk , because they found something in it that contributes to something that causes cancer but the FDA allows American dairy farmers to use it , which is one reason why I will never eat ice-cream from Ben and Jerry’s as they use American dairy milk.

regulatory agencies that mandates a calorie count on popcorn at the movies or on fast foods is really ridiculous and a waste of resources, if one doesn’t know that eating fast fried food has a lot of calories ,well I’m afraid one is too stupid for us to even care about them.


Ever read Anthony Bourdains book. You want health inspections of your eating establishments…


The boys in North Carolina are either selling domestically or exporting that lumber. America imports nearly 1/3 of its lumber needs, far more than what is sitting ready to sell. Also, if there was lumber ready to sell, why does new housing construction still buy canadian lumber?


Montecristo - much of Americas trade is unfair to america, they cry for good reason. Applying these same tactics to Canada is a failurr though.

Kill NAFTA, and give canada the right to demand a 5 to 10% price increase in its oil exports to the US and open the road for canada to divert crude oil to china instead. (NAFTA sees canadian oil traded on the texas light crude index and not at world prices). 20% of american oil comes from canada, no NAFTA amd canada can increase your oil prices by 1-2% over night.


You got the spelling of my UN wrong. NAFTA was negotiated by republicans and signed into law by democrats and as I tell my fellow Americans repeatedly. If you want something different, do something different.

But I can tell you that Americans are among if not thee richest in the world, much of the gain a result of exploitation of the natural resources of weaker countries. I’m not complaining.


Republicans negotiating did you well.

Article 605 says Canadian energy exports to the U.S. as a percentage of total output cannot fall. In particular, it prohibits the Canadian government from imposing restrictions that causes U.S. imports of Canadian energy to fall, as it did under the NEP.

Yet the U.S. is still a major oil importer, it’s unknown if the production boom will continue longer term, and the U.S. relies on Canada for its energy security – a key reason why one of U.S. President Donald Trump’s first moves was to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

NAFTA guarantees canadian oil goes to america first (Canada is a part of MAGA). Eliminate NAFTA and Canadian oil goes to china first.

Seriously, killing NAFTA is handing canada a loaded gun of around 54 billion in cheap oil imports to threaten. Canada media currently saying, tell trump to fuck himself on NAFTA for a good reason.


But you only just told me that Americans are getting screwed by our trade deals. I believe that the most correct was Ross Perot.


Cheap oil imports at fair market value

We’re you one of the people screaming about the keystone pipeline