American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


Not on here, but yes i do support keystone…trumps support for it is part of the reason Alberta likes MAGA. You buy oil from canada at 66$ per barrel (fair) and 75 per barrel from the rest of the international market. It varies, but canadian oil is around a 10% discount when compared to other foriegn sources. America also owns a decent stake in the alberta oil sands, so the profit on part goes to american companies (we share tech as well, which in part has helped fuel the boom in houston…texas oil boom helps canada as you hire canadians for our oil expertise). Theres enough oil in canada that with proper investment, america can surivive off of what it produces and what canada produces alone, you could cut venezula socialists and the middle east completely out of your oil trade.

NAFTA is responsible for this. Alberta was so paranoid (for good reason) that ottawa / toronto would try to control alberta oil that the canadian conservatives that negotiated NAFTA gave control of canadian oil exports to the US so toronto/ottawa couldnt touch it.


It would appear even the US international trade commission realizes American print cannot survive without Canadian paper products, with no harm to the American producers no less. This isnt an attack on your lumber/paper producers, this is a booming american economy that needs every last natural resource it can get its hands on. Taxing it with tariffs causes far more pain to your manufacturing industries than the tiny gain they provide to American lumber.


The administration nowcutting back the tariffs on paper used in the newspaper business as many small town papers were being forced out of business and city papers were eliminating staff and cutting paper content.


ever considered the possibility as hard as it might be hard for people like you is that people are not buying newspapers as they once were, ever heard of online publication? twitter, msm.

any of this seem familiar to you?


This one was kinda silly chairman…a 25% tariff on canadian uncoated groundwood resulted in a 25% cost increase in raw materials for papers. American supply cant keep up to demand in certain natural resources…they could slap a 100% tariff on this canadian product and they’d simply have to pay the tariff as there is literally no alternative to be found (short of increasing wood imports from China).

Tariffs on natural resources that have no alternative translates directly to a consumption tax on the american people. This was an incredibly blunt example of this, but same principle is currently hitting the american keg co that this thread is about, americans have no alternatives to canadian aluminum and american companies have no alternative but pay the tariff and accept the cost increase to their manufacturing.

Tariffs on canadian resources is simply taxing the resources american manufacturing requires to continue their boom. Its self defeating


Im not talking about tariffs Mark, Im talking about the newspaper industry in general, whether its local/municipal, college/university and the big boys.


And the dirty truth is there are few refineries that can refine the oil from the oil sands.


States and cities can handle it quite well without federal interference and likely do it with far better efficiency. As @Chairman1 said above… people who receive bad service or get ill generally don’t give the place a second crack and are inclined to steer friends and associates away as well…


“The bald fact is that the entire restaurant industry in America would close down overnight, would never recover, if current immigration laws were enforced quickly and thoroughly across the board,” Bourdain said. “Everyone in the industry knows this. It is undeniable…I know very few chefs who’ve even heard of a U.S.-born citizen coming in the door to ask for a dishwasher, night clean-up or kitchen prep job. Until that happens, let’s at least try to be honest when discussing this issue.”

Someone has to police the people who use cheap labor to bump their profits and serve Americans outlandishly proportioned poor quality meals. One of my many ‘first jobs’ was both a busboy and a fry cook… We created the employment problem by not enforcing the laws… perhaps food quality would rise when other parts of the law are enforced.

Besides, I know of no celebrity chef who doesn’t look down on the greasy spoons of the world…


And how much sickness in the process, and what of passers through. The country is far too mobile for that. There’s good reason that the health department inspects food service. What about the slaughter houses. Same thing. The government agent goes around to the filing stations and monitors the calibration on the petro pumps. These are consumer protection services that people appreciate. Surely you know that what you’re suggesting is never going to be…


You’ve got to be kidding, did you never watch Parts Unknown?


As long as I’ve been here I’ve been telling you that that’s not going to happen. There’s a reason why our border has been porous forever and Trump’s not getting his wall…


Again… and I will say it slooowwwly. States have every ability to monitor business in their jurisdiction… it doesn’t at a federally certified anyone to make sure that businesses operate within state guidelines… If the state is lax then people will get the idea that they might not want to live and work in that state. Far to much regulation that should be in the hands and decisions of the individual are taken over by the government… drinking raw milk for instance… to take you care and feeding of the population to its extreme is government provided padded cells to keep everyone safe and cozy… I know you see utopia in a state that provides for most things and demands adherence to everything but of course you see the world as a collective body and I see it as a bunch of individuals interacting with each other… kind of the way the founders and not King George… saw it


Do you like sausage?..


And you fully approve of that statement…


Well you can quibble over who regulates consumer protections. But it does need to be performed, and whether on a local, state or federal level, the consumer will bear the expense and that’s not going to change. The whole thing is just a truly odd thing for anyone to oppose, shrug.


Not particularly…


It’s a statement of fact, that I made, quite naturally I endorse it…


It of course is not an odd thing to oppose federal regulation of damn near everything… It isn’t quibbling because It isn’t their job. Interstate commerce is the ease and transport of goods not the regulation of a restaurant or for that matter the regulation of how a product is made in one state for sale in another… but big government people can see only big oversight. Licensing is yet another nanny overreach. Professional groups who want to limit competition and set the rules are generally the ones who petition government for licensing requirements and ‘well compensated’ politicians are more than happy to oblige. I really love that a person must have a license to paint someones nails.

Local communities can look after themselves… perhaps the federal government could share the knowledge they have with these communities and fulfill the bit about ‘Promote’ the general welfare…


See… this is where you come up with the idea that I am partisan… I defend people who actually believe and defend our nationstate… and yes, I overlook some of the more minor indiscretion in their behavior because that can and will be dealt with only if we have a nation to deal with it… otherwise its just globalist tyranny deciding everyones behavior… Open borders is an existential threat to our nation… p*ssy grabbing is not.