American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


Everything in which business can take advantage of the consumer it damn sure is. Why in the world would anybody balk at such protections, you know damn well that humans are greedy and will screw you anyway they can.

An example beyond gas pumps and restaurants. In Arkansas where I have a lake house we just received a report from the Public Service Commission that the local energy supplier was billing customers a $2.30 fee on their monthly statements that was not legal and they’ve been ordered to issue refunds. With hundreds of thousands of customers that’s going to be a sizable chunk. Without the PSC, me and my neighbors would never know this. If the guy that owns the gas station offset his pump just slightly so that say it delivered 9/10ths of a gallon everytime it registered a gallon, we’d never know, but over the course of a year, that crook could pocket a lot of extra money. I could go on literally all day with examples.

Americans are never going to give up their regulatory commissions. As Jefferson said, if men were angels, we wouldn’t even need a constitution. And by the way, the regulators need to be regulated too!! And we have watchdog advocacy groups doing that as well.


And here I thought you were a good baptist…

You pulled the least important repugnant aspect of Trump. He’s mean spirited, treats nobody with respect and dignity, succeeded in avoiding service himself but criticizes a man who was shot down and captured, calls people dogs, son of a bitches and endless other names. He signed a spending bill that borrowed 1.3 trillion to give a raise to entitlement spending and the Pentagon. :flushed: He promised us that he’d be too busy to leave the White House and golf, and as you know he’s done so more than his predecessors. Just to list a few things far more important than his pussyfoot comment.


Is that an Arkansas commission? You keep referring to Jefferson and I can give you just as many quotes by that very man that insist that the federal government is small and limited in scope. Again, you try to say that when someone wants small government that they want no government and when someone says that the fed should stay out of something, they are actually saying that no one should be involved… I like the choice of being able to say 'If I don’t like it in Arkansas, I can move to a different constitution in Missouri… I shouldn’t have to leave the US because everything in the vast country is hammered into conformity.


Yawn… you keep repeating misogynist and racist… and pretty much those accusations started much of the name calling… remember when he said that ‘Mexico wasn’t sending their best’ and he was immediately called a racist. I’m not entirely sure who threw the first rock but they haven’t stopped flying since… the difference is that you read the NYTimes and your head goes up and down and your read Trumps tweets and it goes left to right and back again. How would you feel if the body public condoned and approved of TIME magazine showing this…


Yet we still have no proof… certianly Time has no proof.

My recollection of many instances is that Trump retaliated to some provocation and never attacked Americans that could not either politically or financially fight back. You often bring up the issue with Cruz… I seem to remember that Cruz’s boys fired the first shot… Is it childish, Yes… but I’n thinking that the left and their nevertrumper friends haven’t shown much magnanimity since before losing…


Yes, but I would imagine the same or similar in Missouri. I don’t support anything that’s unnecessary, but everything that is. And commissions, agencies and departments that have come into existence over the course of time as one form or another of consumer protection were born generally after people were first harmed. When I first began my medical billing company, my contract was 1.5 pages, still had a round face that trusted everybody. Today, after many battle scars from unscrupulous clients. It’s 16 pages and based upon history, it will no doubt continue to grow.


I realize that the Trumper has no criticism of Trump, and no problem with his nastiness and that’s never going to change.


That’s an understatement, all presidents have faced tough times with the press. But not a one has called an American a son of a bitch and a dog, low IQ., and all the other vile names he has for anybody he doesn’t like. It’s really pathetic that you won’t definitively call him out for this. He’s the antithesis of the Christian model, and a disgrace to all Christians that support his mean and nasty ass!!!


This is precisely what I have been saying… this is precisely what the founders were saying… this is precisely what the design for the limited scope of the constitution was saying. Each state will decide what the best recourse is for dealing with a problem… each city will do likewise. As each state grapples with similar problems, they will come up with different solutions. If they work, other states will adopt them… if they don’t or if they are to onerous for the population to bear, those states will lose population to other…

You speak about your contracts… this of course is exactly the remedy of a free market… two people coming together to make a decision about what they want and will except… One person tries to cheat or harm the other, then we ask the judicial mechanism to step in… but not before. I can almost guarantee you that your original naivety is down to a learned complacency and misplaced trust in government… one passed from parent to child for 3 or more generations. its like a city person trying to live in the wild… you just don’t know hat to expect or how to deal with it until its too late…


I’m not so much defending Trump as I am ignoring the whining because of his comments. You have said on more than one occasion that you see no oppression of those on the right that while not as vocal as Trump, hold the same views (he says in his rather brash way what others are thinking) are losing their platform to speak… you don’t seem to believe that hate laws and political correctness have stifled the legitimate view points of a very large segment of the population and you don’t seem to have a problem with private enterprise shutting off those view points even though you defend their right to do so under some ambiguous definition of 'racism and misogyny and even extend that protection to the to treatment of people playing make believe.

Its funny to watch the hypocrisy of the left… not long ago they were clamoring for placed like Facebook to be a regulated utility… they argued for net neutrality and yet, now that Trump is either falling into the trap of government largess or he is the Trojan wet dream of the left for proposing exactly the same thing… they call him a tyrant… they cheer Time… and time again…

If the opponents of Trump and his supporters want to have a different dialogue, I suggest that it is they who should look in the mirror…


Not one has been continually convicted in the press for crimes that have not been proven. Not one has had career government employees openly defy him rather than quietly resign… and I don’t recall anyone getting away with hanging the president in effigy or beheading him for a laugh. I would suggest that all were given a fair hearing before the criticism began… Trump was met with 4 congressional investigations after a clear attempt to absolve Hillary of crimes that have seen others put in prison… No, I am afraid that nothing in the treatment of this president is equal to past administrations…


You’re joking right. Certainly Obama wasn’t treated so by most of the press but definitely was by FOX.


Trump came strait out of the elevator to make his announcement with his broad brush painting Mexicans as rapists and murders, and his vitriol has NEVER ceased. Say what you will Scott, bitch till the cows come in, but Trump is getting exactly what he deserves as decent Americans despise him. And that includes a number of republicans. I maintain my position that if the results of Muellers probe don’t force him out of office first, he’ll be primaried by his own, but he will not be a two term president.


One outlet and … tell me again how many investigations… concurrent or otherwise? Tell me again just how much flack he and Holder took over fast and furious or Lerner took over her feature performance at the IRS… Who has been fired from their job for wearing a mask of the president?.. Hard times from one news outlet that had the audacity to challenge is many… indisgressions so readily overlooked by the other 99% of media… Please :roll_eyes:


Could you post for me his exact words without a sentence break and within context… It’s the same kind of hyperbole over trump ‘mocking’ a disabled reporter… even though he used the same movements to describe a general and the reporter in question does not have a motor skill problem causing him to move that way… but hey, never let a good dig get in the way of the facts.


Depends on the network right, from CNN and NBC little if any and from Fox wall to wall. Just like now the criticisms of Trump is wall to wall on CNN and NBC it’s missing on Fox. Fox isn’t following and reporting on the amount of corruption in Trump’s cabinet, nor are they pointing out that Trump promised America to be too busy to golf, yet is golfing more than his predecessor whom he criticized. Etc…


Well hell… if you are trying to report those stories not reported by ALL the other networks and newsprint then it would be silly to spend time rehashing some of the stuff but then again Breitbart makes a reasonable attempt at countering the 200 + newspapers that coordinated efforts to send a negative Trump message… of course people read it and believe it… Its not only CNN and NBC… we have a poll put out by ABC of late that of course paints Trumps approval in the dirt and Mueller that hero of the day… only problem is, the people polled weren’t necessarily registered voters, the questions lead to a particular response and only 25% of the people identified as republican… but you can believe what you want… I mean, I don’t know how many studies have shown that news negative coverage of Trump remains in 90’s% even on days when things he has done has been generally positive for the country… but like I say, you will only see what those rose colored socialist glasses let you see… You see, I regularly go to the likes of Huffpo, Daily Kos and Salon… just to see what is being written and of course they get their perspective from Washpo and the NYTimes and regurgitate it to their loyal followers…


Moo :joy:


It doesn’t require a coordinated effort to bring the negative reporting on Trump. In fact the press could be quiet and just post his tweets.


The fact is … it is coordinated and people like yourself seem to absorb it like a sponge. Trump of course isn’t the issue… policy is the issue and because policy is so difficult for progressives to talk about, Trump is a good diversion.


This is an interesting small study about partisanship in America.

My take on this is that with republicans, issues such as immigration, the concept of a mandated minimum wage, the prevalence of abortion and state paid services are very important to the republican and when you put them with liberals who have a contrary opinion (but in my opinion without any real substance to their argument) people on the right tend to harden their opinions where as the left seem to be stuck on Trump… Are you stuck on Trump?.. broaden your horizons and remove the emotion from your thought process… you will see that people are really pissed that you push social programs that have shown time after time to be either abject failures or have unintended consequences that far outweigh the benefits…

… and sometimes, as with the subject matter of this thread, you have to take a hard line stand for the betterment of all…


And in the end, this thread shows the hypocrisy of the left.

Nothing was said as millions lost their jobs with off shoring of manufacturing. Now their panties are in a twist over a 100 jobs.

What’s changed? It’s an opportunity to bash Trump.