American Keg Co being put out of business by Trump


Well there’s certainly policy issues, and both progressives and conservatives seem to have no problem discussing them. But, Trump the man very much is at issue.


Funny you would say that when it’s your very own Trump that signed a record spending bill which gave a raise to entitlement spending. The antithesis of conservative values, and yet it’s still all liberal progressives fault. :roll_eyes:


Go take a look at that despicable thread ‘Fat Whore Meghan McCain’ and the wholly uncivilized commentary polluting it for a perfect example of what’s wrong with so many Trumpers!!! Just filthy unamerican vile…


lol tampon anyone? …


As you excuse the rude comments of several people giving the eulogy.

And you are right then entire spectacle called a funeral service was


And btw, nobody, NOBODY at the Mc Cain funeral talked like these filthy BOD’s are doing in that reprehensible thread on Meghan.


So you didn’t call McCain a racist in 08?


Not so very long ago the left were screaming how Mc CAin was a war hawk. My how times change to suit political need.


I read an article yesterday that admonished Republicans to remember McCain’s ‘conservative’ credentials… it listed a couple of things to prove his conservative bona fides… Support for military spending and the US projection of military power around the world… My oh my how the definition of conservatism has changed.


Funny how supporting military funding was so important to Trump that he signed a record spending bill that borrowed 1.3 trillion to give an increase in entitlement spending in order to increase military spending. Seems everybody has forgotten what it means to be a conservative…


Are we a country if we get annihilated by a country with better military equipment??


Did you expect on day one that he would recall troops around the world… reduce active military enrollment and send all reservists back to their ordinary job? Given that the defense of our country (just like so many who attempt to read federally run social programs into the constitution the word defense seems to have received a broadened meaning) is written in as the number one priority, this president saw a need… even if it meant plying pork seeking congressmen and women with the backhander to get the vote… That says far more about the agenda of congress than it does the Commander in Chief…

Supporting military funding is not the same as those who would spread democracy with military power… Trump has yet to create any new conflicts.


No, of course not. I don’t expect him to do it on day one, or on day 600. He’s increased troop strength in Afghanistan, and is waging secret (not so secret) wars in Pakistan and Yemen. Trump has similar romantic thoughts of the military as his nemesis John McCain. Troop surge is on the rise, with escalators in Niger :flushed: Somalia and other African nations as well.


Yeah, it’s comical seeing the Trumper defend the president signing a record spending bill that borrowed money to increase entitlement spending :flushed::flushed::flushed: the antithesis of conservatism. :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I note that you didn’t say that he actually started these situations… I have however noted that you have been glad that he has ‘sensible people’ around him to keep him grounded… Perhaps it is these sensible people who have presented their plans on how to extricate themselves from these conflicts that guide him… or perhaps he is no more in control of the MIC than any other president.


Sometimes getting to shore is easier in the long run if you go with the tide instead of fighting it. Besides, liberals love todays conservatism… they have a banker in the republican party that slow walks ‘compromise’ on social spending but still moves in the proper direction (according to progressives) and they of course have a willing partner in the neocon who will help ‘spread democracy’ while allowing the republican party to take the blame for military spending… yes, todays conservative is exactly what the progressive left love…


Yeah, and it’s comical that Trump wouldn’t shut the country down as the dems threatened to shut down the country unless he signed it.

Do you advocate shutting down the govrnment???


Of course I didn’t, why would I do that. I said that he has escalated military activity in these places.


I’ve not made that statement in a year. Save Mattis, they’re gone.


And as always you put out cap and ignore the reality of who you are a shill that hates this government and the elected leaders.

Personally i hope you get your wish as the right will likely destroy the progressive left.