An example of race baiting and Alinsky's tactic (i.e. projection)


Thank you Patriot. I am amazed and thankful for your commitment to free speech


It’s already been proved to you (in a video of Soros saying so himself) in another thread.


Thanks @supperhey I’m being a little dumb this morning


You can get in trouble here for threatening people.


It is only the Democrat, Lefties and Libtards who do that. Conservatives and sane people rarely do


adl=anti defamation league


Oh well hes banned. Now im so scared for my life bc hes reporting me to the ADL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh I know, I was poking fun of his inadequate English when he broke out in French(?) in another thread.


What the hell is wrong with people? They get challenged on what they post so all they can do is threaten legal action against the person challenging them and then the site?!?


Internet Rambos!

In the real world, they tuck their tails and slither back into mommy’s basement.


Where the hell have you been? I’ve been here missing you?


They are all for free speech, but only their free speech


You mean, “What the hell is wrong with socialist?”

The answer is, just look at his profile, along with the dozens of threads he started praising China and Sweden and Canada on their “socialistic high standard of living”, despite joining the site only for 2 days.

So, his cover images are presumably “Western” women revolting “peacefully”, while he has a all smiling, uniformed Chinese woman marching to the drum of the loving utopia that is China. Such layout is open to interpretations, but the general fondness of a socialistic , central-planning government is there, and that’s what hes trying to convey on this short 2 days on the forum.

It’s ironic that the average Chinese citizens often opt for an internet proxy to view Western content, and outspoken anarchist individuals like himself is usually put on a watch list and often time worse, state gulag (or for a more politically-correct term, a re-education camp).

So yes, a walking mess of intellectually dishonest irony is he. Using free speech to shut down free speech. Crying “ad hominem” while calling others “idiots”. Perhaps that is why he yearns for state-sponsored re-education camp, since in America, it’s quite expensive to get any form of education if youre already over 18 and havent learned to think for yourself.



Notice how that looks like Montecresto1’s tactics.


It does, doesn’t it?


If Soros’ father was in a postion to farm him out to a non Jewish family; he was probably also in a position to get him out of the country. What is disturbing about Soors & the Nazis is, he said what he did was exciting. He had to know what was happening to anyone & everyone the Nazis hauled away. He was young, but he was old enough to know what was going on.


Notice that Patriot won’t lock the threads. We need to do a better job of keeping the threads on track.


Soros only ever does something if there is a coin in it for him.


I remember this depiction in schindlers list showing the very young children understanding the serious ness of their situation.
At 14 you would certainly understand what was happening. I don’t think your average Joe would be so nonchalant about stealing peoples belonging’s as they were marched to their deaths…


This must be the thread that got Bill sands banned

Is he blacklisted or will he come back under another name?

To the thread, if he is still reading it , I didnt see anything anti Semitic, I see a few Anti Soros people who have the right to espouse their opinions like Anti Trump people has and have done.

Its abundantly clear, even Stevie Wonder can see it that Bill Sands despises the right wing, and its his right but threatening to sue, please.

Its a public forum, if you have relatives as you claim that works for the anti defamation center they will remind you of the “first amendment”

And threatening people well I will let them tell you as you may not believe me.

Thank God for the free speech.