An old leaked email - Soros


From 2011, but make what you will of it. Soros can clearly see the flaws of the EU and clearly supports changes to it, by massive self funding.

It will need a combined effort, probably by Central / Eastern European countries to destroy the EU.

I sincerely hope it happens soon.


Wouldn’t you say that’s already happening? He’s essentially funding the entire economic migrant crisis himself. If his goal is to destroy the EU then he is succeeding. The downside is he’s going to destroy Europe in the process.


Are you suggesting then that he paid Obama to destroy Libya, Oust Mubarak and paint red lines in Syria? Pardon the pun but he got pretty good bang for his bucks…


Absolutely. The irony is, Soros supports a Socialist / Marxist dictatorship and yet the very funding he’s giving it, will destroy it. As for Europe after the EU, some countries will survive better than others, particularly the ones that have protected their borders. The UK, in my view, is a lost and finished country. The only answer now is war and that will destroy the UK anyway.


Soros intent is to divide a country’s population and create Anarchy to have a government kneel before him like Schmobama. Fortunately ,Hungary can see through his aims. :clock10::dragon_face: