Anarchy! Socialism! Liberals!


The Democrats don’t want you to stand for the American flag.
They would much rather dishonor any war veteran.

The Democrats hate ICE.
The Democrats want Anarchy, with open borders, and no police.
The Democrats hate police, because they stand for laws in this country.

The Democrats don’t want to abide by laws, or the Amendments of the United
States Of America. What do you think?


i think any person with an IQ above body temp knows that… has known it for decades.

We need to campaign for Rs… Maybe i should do that instead of preaching to the choir at this site…

well, i was campaigning (so to say) before i came to this site today, but soemtimes it seems that is not enough… the libs are gaining on us!

how to stop them… how to stop them


Money to campaign for Republicans who aren’t establishment cucks. Paul Ryan and John Kasich come to mind as examples of what we don’t want.

Need to do both. The left wing controls the internet. People need to find these conversations, join them, and do their part…so in effect…you are campaigning for Republicans when you post about it.


Have the politicians that are in close races, on shows like Hannity, and the Rush Limbaugh radio show every day until the elections.

Have President Trump and Mike Pence(for the religious vote), go to each of those states also to speak in the states where the races are close.


Democrats control not only the internet, but most of the media throughout the country.

Trump knows this, and him bringing this to the publics attention is a great thing.
Because most of the media is biased Liberal, and several are very corrupt also.


I say tell democrats to learn Korean and move to North Korea.


That’s the problem! The Democrats want to force their Socialistic ways on Americans, and tell everyone what to do and how to do it!

If people like Bernie Sanders moved over to Korea, I’m guessing the first political thing that he would say over there would be his last!
They don’t put up with anything over there! They’d put a freaking bullet in his head, and charge it to his family who has millions of dollars. Even though he’s a Democrat, and the Dem Dem’s constantly talk about the 1 percent and elitists, and big corporations.

Do you think they mean big corporations like Walmart, that are putting so many mom and pop shops out of business? You know, Walmart, where Hillary Clinton use to be on the Board of Directors, and the same Walmart that intentionally won’t give hard working people full time hours, simply so they don’t have to pay out benefits for people like single mothers with kids. I guess it’s not all about the children? lol.


leftists and democraps are a bunch of hypocrites

they say nothing about Hillary Clinton making a joke about " all blacks look alike" , but Trump says one thing about a certain reporter who was mocking him and they call Trump a bastard

They say Justice Kavanaugh touched a woman in his college years, but say nothing about Bill Clinton getting his knob polished in the Oval office…

They say Trump’s Old man must have been in the KKK because he was on the same street as them, yet Robert Byrd was an actual KKK grand poobah wizard whatever.

They say Trump had sex with a porn star 20 years ago, meanwhile Eliot Spitzer then Democrat New York governor is now on TV as a commentator ,what was his crime… oh yeah having affairs with a prostitute while in Office

has Trump done any of this?

yeah , can you say the left are hypocrites.

Hey @here2bqueer, do you condone any of these white men who disgraced their wives?


I think that the American people can think for themselves, and because of President
Trump exposing the them, that the American people are able to see past the lies and manipulation of the Liberally biased mainstream media(New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC).

The Democrats never counted on ever being exposed how they’re currently and have been by Trump, and that is why they’re acting so radical, and don’t know what to do or say.


I say drop them in Pakistan with no ID. They’d run for a border or embassy and kiss the ground of the United States of America if they make it back.

No doubt they’d have to give up a few of their ideals along the way in order to survive. Maybe they’d have a new appreciation for just what our military does and has sacrificed for their freedom to be the village idiots.


I have no idea why, but that made me literally LOL.

As to the rest of your post I’m rather in the mood to say, “who cares what THEY say”?

They are the party that applauds Handmaiden Costumes at a Supreme Court hearings and fanatics trying to claw open the doors of the Supreme Court. They are a laughing stock and should be treated as such.

The worst thing you can do to them is give them no attention. They will clamor for more and become further unhinged the more they are ignored. Rather a vicious cycle for them.


May our land be a land of liberty, the seat of virtue, the asylum of the oppressed, a name and a praise in the whole Earth, until the last shock of time shall bury the empires of the whole world in one common undistinguished ruin!


Well, at least until it suits them, then they will use all of the above. These guys are relativists. Principle means nothing.


A lot of them don’t have any morality anyways. So they wouldn’t be giving anything up! lol.


Very true. The rules got changed on them. Their despicable and underhanded tactics were exposed. Americans got a full view of this with the Kavanaugh hearings.


Not true at all. For many of them they are more moral than you or I or anyone who doesn’t see things their way.


I’m actually very moderate on several things, compared to Conservatives.

I do try and keep an open mind. Not all of them are skewed, but for as long as I’ve lived, and from what I’ve seen first hand of a liberal perspective of life, and Liberals themselves first hand, compared to Conservatives, it’s a huge swing.

So on that, we may have to agree to disagree.


I actually dont have a problem with the average liberal, most of them are law abiding folks, they just have a warped view on life.

It’s the regressive leftists, Antifa, fascists, BLM, socialists, democratic socialists, Obama lovers , Clinton lovers anti Trumpers, radical third wave feminists that are the problem, they are despicable human beings.

Sure I can throw in the alt right too, but most of them on the left are horrible people.


I agree
10 characters!!


The problem is that a lot of Americans don’t think for themselves. They are sheeple and go with the flow of what they hear on social media and msm. Unless they are taught right from a young age, this is how they become.