Anarchy! Socialism! Liberals!


thanks for the encouragement. I had momentarily lost sight of the fact that the i-net is controlled by the wackos… inmates running the asylum…

we Rs have to work hard every day… can’t take a break from campaigning, esp at election time… but you know… it’ the best work you will ever do… for the cause of your country…

and for God himself



I wasn’t taught that much from a young age, but I learned over time to take everything with a grain of salt from both sides of the spectrum, until I do my own analysis, and come up with my own decision of what is really happening.

It does suck that most people don’t really think for themselves, and that comes from both sides of the spectrum. Even though I’m a Conservative, I still try and keep an open mind. I’ve changed my views on some things over years of listening and keeping an open mind. The problem is, that to many people are biased, and one sided. Never caring to listen to the other side. Basically a lot of people are ignorant.


i totally agree. I don’t agree w/ Dems very often but every now and then they seem to have a point… key word being Seem

sometimes they seem to have a point and yet when u look @ facts and that thing they hate the most called Reality… you realize they don’t have much a point after all.

But in any case, there does seem to be this middle way on some issues that most in both parties miss


How both you and I can have an open mind, I find that most Democrats I talk to are biased, and
not open to anyone else’s point of view but the own.

There within lies the contradiction of themselves. They Love everyone, and Accept everyone, unless you’re a Republican. Than you’re automatically wrong. lol.

A lot of them are lacking in common sense, and especially if they don’t wish to learn any, than I don’t see how anyone can learn anything from them, or work with them.


Yeah. It is pretty sick, that the Dem Dems were trying to take away due process!!!

Of course they do try to keep changing America’s laws to fit their Liberal Socialist agenda.


yes, and most young pepole, it seems, missed that… maybe watched the Kavanaugh hearings but probably only saw Oh, that poor woman was sexually assaulted by that monster trying to Sup Ct Justice…

those libs know how to get you to think a certain way. They know older, and/or more mature people see right through that, but young people… that is who they direct their message… which is telling of course


Most young people smoke pot, and think that Bernie Sanders is cool.

But a lot of them don’t even know what Socialism really is, and that is what Bernie Sanders stands for. The Dems count on their vote, just like they do the Black and Hispanic, and Women’s vote. They intentionally go after these groups because they expect their votes, and think that these categories of people are weak. They take advantage of their votes.


The ridiculous mind of the prog has ushered in this.


69 year old wants to be 49 because he feels like it

Trans women wants to be a woman because he feels like it and even though he has a tally wacker its okay to use the women’s bathroom because he feels like a woman.

Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan, who wants to marry her video game Tetris, because she “feels” its the right thing to do

Good Lord and you wonder why the saying “liberalism is a mental disorder” is common?

The world is going nuts, years ago we would have had these people committed, today they are considered normal?


yes, they do. And they aim virtually all their messages at LOW INFO people in those groups especially.

now some are low info for a valid reason, namely they have to work long hours (and/or have families to care for) and can’t watch news or read newspapers much… sad thing, that is… bc everyone should know what is going on in the world…

but in any case, cnn counts on not facts, but putting forth their version of so called facts (reality)… IN other words they know t hat perception is reality

which means that if they say Trump is an idiot 1000 times per day, people will believe it… even the not so young… Fortunately there are a few people around like yours truly, who do NOT watch that propaganda


Let’s not forget Rachel Dozezal

Next thing you know, Bill Clinton will be feeling like he’s 16 and will have a party with 15 year old girls.


He already does…


I meant in the US… without going to that sex-with-children island. If Clinton has his age legally changed to 16, he could go to nearby Connecticut, where…

Children over age 13 may consent to sexual activity so long as the person is not 3 or more years older. Children under age 13 may legally consent to sexual activity with partners who are less than 2 years older.

So 15 year olds would be legal for him.


They aim a lot of crap in America at single mothers!!! Which is total b.s.!

That’s why under Obama and the Dem Dems, Food Stamps rose so much!


This is in reference to Rachel Dolezal.

I think that I’m a rich trillionaire that can speak 20 languages, has 50 cars, and can have any woman in the world that I want.

But in reality, I’m poor, can only speak English, I have one car and I hope it doesn’t break down on me, and suck at talking to a woman I like.
To bad the Democratic politicians aren’t here to make my fantasy’s become a reality. lol.

Then I could be anything and everything I ever wanted to be, and live in a delusional state of bliss on a regular basis! lmao.


Well you are among people who succeed now. So wash those sneakers, put on your bow tie, and practice that “hey girl” eyebrow move.


Fake it till you make it!


Problem is, I can’t seem to fake it.

It’s not in me to do so.