And Spain gets targeted by Moroccan Muslims


As the leftist / communist press, suppresses any information on muslims raping Judeo-Christians / Catholics in Spain, we can only say, we told you so, we told you this would happen, if you let in migrants.
The Barcelona Agreement is a document of baloney policies that can never be implemented, because assimilation will NEVER happen…


You know that it was Spain, the Dutch, the British and other Europeans that first sailed the seas in an endeavor to exploit what could be found abroad and there was plenty of rape, pillage and murder. What’s happening today in Europe is truly depressing, but one can’t help but contemplate the irony.


And when the Europeans have finally had enough of their countries being invaded by savages they will do what they have done for millennia. Destroy the savages.


Yeah, I think it’s going to look different this time around…


That’s nice that you think that. If history serves as a guide you will be proven wrong.


History doesn’t always repeat itself…


Can’t wait… I’m getting old I want my hands dirty


Import shit , then expect the place to stink ! :wink:

The Rabbit Hole

The generation coming up will make sure that it does. They didn’t ask for this. They didn’t vote for this. They have a right to what their ancestors built for them. Generation Z will set things right. They are angry and far right already.


They say the next generation is going to be the most conservative ever! Thank god for the internet!

I’m going to put together a second amendment rally in Boston next year, and we aren’t asking for a permit, come and stop us liberals


Human nature doesn’t change.


Isn’t his wishing evil on others pathetic


Yeah, we’ll see about that.


Something I could never understand; that being, it took 100s of years for Spain to rid itself of Islamic rule; and the Spanish turn around & open the gates once again. Kevin Bacon - Fraternity Paddle - YouTube


It’s not the National people that are allowing them in, it’s the left wing nazis every country has. If we don’t stop them it will be the end of the world


The problem is history is forgotten. In fact Liberals (under the Barcelona Agreement) would prefer that history is erased, so that they can justify importing savages. Spain is a victim of Liberalism.


grow up two rapes don’t make a right


But I never said it was right, just pointing out the inconvenient truth of consequences, shrug…


The inconvenient truth of electing open borders leftists means that your own women are forfeit? Welcome to the alt right, brother.


It’s not lost on those exacting revenge…