And Still There Is A Call For America To Be Just Like 'The Swedes'


‘Help Us, Help Us’: Swedish National Police Commissioner Begs as Number of No-Go Zones Rises

Swedish National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson has begged the government for help as the number of no-go zones has risen from 55 to 61 in only one year.

“Help us, help us,” Eliasson said at a press conference on the subject of the rising levels of crime and criminal networks in Sweden. Eliasson said there were at least 5,000 criminals divided into around 200 networks in Sweden operating in the now 61 no-go zones, many of which are heavily migrant-populated, Göteborgs-Posten reports.

In Rinkeby, one of the most infamous no-go areas in Stockholm, authorities have tried to build a new police station that some have likened to a fortress. Due to safety issues in the area, the government has been unable to secure a building contractor to complete the station as many fear being attacked.


I thought the Swedish government was telling people that there is no such thing as “no go zones” in Sweden. How can they help solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Kinda like homosexuality in Iran. They don’t have any because they say so.


Sweden: Arm your citizens not your rapefugees. Permit citizens to shoot on site.


Any help that could be provided is about three years too late. Sweden had the chance to get a handle on this, instead they welcomed more and more into the country.

The only thing that will fix this is a mass uprising my native Swedes.

I don’t know what they are waiting for.


In my opinion what happens in Sweden is a pretext to other countries. Bringing lots of people in from Africa and the Orient, with a lack of education and totally different manners, destroys our society and the future of our kids. My hometown is lost already.


Serious question.

If Sweden were trying to exterminate it’s people what would they do differently, exactly?


Many of Sweden’s police stations shut down for all or part of the summer. The reason is lack of financial resources.

Among the worst affected regions is Bergslagen, where most of the stations, 27 out of 40, are forced to close down.

According to the Minister of Finance in Värmland, Carina Hertzberg, financial resources are simply lacking in temporary employment.

Therefore, it is considered that the best solution is to close the receptions instead of pulling down on patrols.

And so hard hit have you never been before.

In Dalarna only 3 of 17 police stations are open throughout the summer. 13 stations close for ten weeks.

Even in Falun, where there are 57,000 people, the police station closes for a month between July 10th to August 18th.

“I am very worried about it,” says Mathias Lindqvist, municipal council of Munkfors in Värmland, which is also suffering from the cuts, to Ekot.

According to a survey from The World Economic Forum from 2014, Sweden had the highest marginal tax worldwide.

However, the country’s police stations can not be kept open.


Oh Sweden - you’re out of touch (and money) and I’m out of time (and so is everyone else).


No police = no crimes reported = no crimes!

S-see, everything is perfect in Sweden!


Let me re-phrase my question from last night.

What exactly is stopping Swedes from going full psycho killer on the migrants with almost no police to stop them now?

If the people wanted to take their country back, shutting down police stations is the best thing that anyone could have asked for. Swedes can just run around taking migrants out for sport. Police won’t come because there are no police to call.

If I were in Sweden I’d be stocking up on ammo RIGHT NOW.


While Sweden does have a lot of firearms… almost exclusively for hunting… their laws are as stupidly strict as the UK… must keep them locked, unloaded in a gun safe… can’t carry them except to hunt and back home (no stops at the store on the way) and if you shoot an intruder in your home, you are almost certain to do jail time because if you have the time and ability to access and load your weapon… you probably weren’t in any real danger in the first place…


Yeah…but if no police.

I’m just saying while it seems far-fetched now to even consider, it won’t be the first time in human history that people took advantage of a failing state to readjust population levels.


What are they waiting for, IronLung? The Swedes are and have always been gutless wonders since Tsar Pyotr kicked their asses at the Battle of Poltava. Now the treasonous Swedish government has pardoned ISIS terrorist cowards, Sweden now must be recognized as a criminal terrorist State and wiped out of existence and surround the borders with electrified fences.


Their whole country is getting raped and pillaged to death and this is the shit they are worried about…the Russians.


They most probably should be… they just don’t know that they are letting a surrogate in the front door while Russia expends little effort in the occupation… occupations of a hostile country can be quite difficult…