And the next president of the US when we did something different


Once upon a time, a man named Bernie became President of a great nation. Bernie did not win the popular vote but he did win the Electoral College which awarded him the office. His party, known as the Democrats, also won many seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate though most of those races were also very close. There was ample evidence that the rogue liberal nation of Canada interfered in the election in order to get Bernie elected, however the Democrats in Congress didn’t want to look too closely at that can of worms, so they didn’t.

During Bernie’s first weeks in office he issued many executive orders.
He removed mentions of “God” from all national currency, The Pledge of Allegiance and all entities that receive federal funding.
He put a freeze on all firearm sales so as to determine a better vetting process for those seeking to buy guns.
He forced churches to start paying federal income tax.
He tripled funding for the NEA, EPA, NASA and other arts, science and social justice programs.
He raised taxes to a flat 70% on those making over $250,000 excluding himself adding a 50% SURCHARGE ON THE 70% FOR THOSE OVER $500,000.
He allowed access and a path to citizenship for 50,000 refugees.
He substantially increased protections for minorities, LGBTQ and immigrants and of course the MKLYNMTZ faction for the leftists without a IDENTIFIED issue.
He ordered complete transparency for all businesses and fined companies who did not immediately remedy unequal salaries between men and women.
He quadrupled funding for Planned Parenthood and required that every city over 15,000 people would have a PP facility or be denied federal funding.
He put an immediate halt to all fracking operations.
He increased funding to public schools by adding a 50% tax on all private schools.
He banned the death penalty. He created a rehabilitation program for non-violent criminal offenders which would include job training and education and would expunge their record after completion.
He toughened environmental standards beyond levels ever seen before. People with bad breath were fined as bad great was found to be harmful to the environment.
He ordered Congressional Democrats to completely redraw districts to ensure that Republicans would have a much more difficult time winning in the future.
He gave voting rights to everyone and made Election Day a national holiday.
He lowered the voting age to 12 and the gun ownership age to 70.
He ordered a universal health care plan for everyone that mirrored the insurance received by members of Congress and gave everyone a UBI of 50K a year excluding Republicans and all voters not registered as democrats.
He made it illegal for corporations and lobbyists to use money to purchase votes.
He outlawed the consumption of meat or the use of animals in the making or wearing of clothing.
He outlawed genetically modified food and many of the harmful preservatives and chemicals used in prepackaged food.
He expanded SNAP to help provide food for everyone making under $50,000 a year excluding the UBI.
He ordered the construction of mini-homes which were free to the homeless and put caps on property values to ensure that homes would be available to everyone.
Bernie ordered free college education for all including all illegals in the country that were naturalized under the amnesty clause.
Bernie ordered amnesty and naturalization for all future illegals ending the illegal alien problem that has plagued the country for decades.

Bernie ordered all of these things even though half of the country was opposed to many of these actions. The conservatives were really upset and many thought that the Democrats were not governing for all of the people, but only the far left liberals.

In the end everyone that didn’t vote for Bernie decided that since Bernie and the other Democrats had won the election they should just keep quiet and give him a chance. And after 4 years bankruptcy was declared the nations debt was zeroed out and we started over again.


Come on Monte this is your guy.