And we claim Russian meddling, collusion, ROTFLMAO


We don’t know that yet. Al Rosenstien told us was that “THIS indictment” doesn’t allege that.


It’s not limitless, it doesn’t authorize investigating anyone anywhere at anytime, true, but I suggest that you read Rosenstien’s letter of commission, I think you’ll be quite surprised.


The investigation was supposed to be about Alleged Russian Collusion with President Trumps campaign.
Now Mueller has brought up Allegations of IRS violations . Now Mueller will probably use the Allegations and attempt to have say there was collusion.
The only collusion was with the Traitorous Conspirators to deny Sanders and Trump the election win. Is there a reason for not indicting James Coney ,Schmobama , HRC. or Loretta Lynchpin ???
I forgot this is an " Unbiased" investigation.


The Russians accomplished what they intended.

They sewed the seeds of dissension in our society and we did the rest.

We not only aided and abetted but we did them one better with our divisiveness in our society. We have much to be proud of as the left and media continue to hammer daily at the president, both continue to tear down our constitution with reckless nonsensical investigations into the seeds that were planted. And the left cheers with every indictment as they think they are getting closer to ending Trump. Yes Monte, this is all about you.

And now, one risks a subpoena merely for ordering a salad with Russian dressing.

Mc Carthy would be proud of the left and media.


The kicker here is that the order is pretty specific in its scope and is pointed at Russia and Trump Collusion

(b) The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confirmed by then-FBI Director James B. Comey in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20, 2017, including:

But it is very broad in its ability to pursue that result as listed in i, II, III and right now he is using section ‘C’ to create leverage…

This mandate doesn’t include Clinton or the foundation or Obama… that is why the congressional investigations are so important and whether Rosenstein should have even had the basis for a special council in the first place.


Read the letter Rosenstien wrote that commissioned the SC.




including comey muller rosenstein who signed for the unverfied so called dossia