Andrew Gillum Says When He Wins As Florida Governor 'His People' Will Be Getting 'Paid Back' For Slavery


The Democraps suck

At least the Republicans control the senate , so the democraps can squawk all they want
If they attempt to impeach Trump it will backfire, and if they dont attempt to impeach it will piss off their leftist base.

They are screwed either way… and I love it.


‘Two Can Play That Game.’ Trump Preemptively Threatens Retaliatory Investigations Against Democrats


well now they will know how it feels , payback is a bitch … ha


Andrew better hope he gets funding for his fbi investigations lol of wait he lost


Well, a new twist.

If a margin of victory in a race or the approval or rejection of a ballot measure is less than a half of a percent, or 0.5 percent, an automatic recount is triggered of votes tallied by machine. The Scott-Nelson race is within that margin



I was praying hard all night Tuesday

only God knows whether it did any good or not… and He aint tellin. I thought DeSantis was sunk there for awhile…

so scary how close these extremists get to power… :frowning:


and the state of Florida will remain as the State of Florida and not the Democratic People’s republic of Florida .

bye bye Andrew.



“dont let the clanging metal door hit you on the way in”???


It REALLY is scary how close they got…


downright frightening.

what if Trump hadn’t campaigned so hard? thank God he did

maybe it is no wonder it was so close…

one “word”

cnn (and Co)



Wonder how many illegals voted for Gillum!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope Trump spends 80% of his remaining time before 2020



hey, with Trump, We the People finally get to really know what is going on in DC (no transparency there in the last Admin)

(with Fox’s help, of course)


Get used to the idea of losing elections. Republicans are old and dying off at a rapid clip. This country is headed left, writing is on the wall


Yup. It the last gasp of a dying breath. I’m resigned to Florida turning over here shortly.


Looks like gillum revoked his concession to DeSantis…that’s no good at all. Good luck Florida


gee what a shock, a Democrat leftist not keeping their word

Shocking I tell you.

So where is he going to get more votes from Dead Democrats, Illegals?

Democrats and the left are pathetic creatures.


Unfortunately I think that’s true. When the results first started coming in, things weren’t looking too bad. Rs had flipped ND, MO and IN. But then Cruz barely held off a challenge from a loud and proud leftist, Nevada was lost, probably for good, and now it looks as though Arizona is going to be won by another loud and proud leftist.

And that’s not even getting into the number of House seats lost in suburban districts that had been voting R, including some losses in ruby red districts (like the one Mark Sanford represented) as well as the near wipe out in the rust belt.

Only Ohio went fairly well for Rs, plus Kim Reynolds managed to win for Governor.

As others have stated, it’s scary the Florida Senate and especially governor’s races were even that close to begin with, along with Georgia.

Gillum and Abrams are very far left.


The biggest problem I have with the right is their absolute ineptitude at articulating a position. They talk in platitudes but never really attempt to educate a rather illiterate electorate on exactly what they are doing. Trump had a perfect opportunity to do that but rather than pointing out case after case precisely why the media is ‘fake news’, he just repeats the mantra… instead of confronting the racism question around Charlottesville head on by saying that everyone who spews a racist remark is a racist be they white, black, brown or green but instead he spoke in platitudes…

The right has no ‘gifts’ to offer for their support… they better learn to communicate and educate or you are correct… it will be a once was concept…


They are actually fighting in court of whether to count ‘non citizen’ votes?.. Really?

And they have the audacity to say that Trump is trying to steal the elections…


It depends who on the right you are talking about. For example, I think Marco Rubio has done an excellent job articulating the voter fraud going on in his state.

But Trump himself is about as inarticulate as it gets. He seems to have the vocabulary of someone who is about 12 years old. I wish he’d stay out of the Florida scandal, except maybe to say law enforcement is investigating. He’s already been known to repeat conspiracy theories. What is happening in Florida is real, and not Infowars stuff, but Trump tends to cast doubt, and we already have most of the media either ignoring what is happening or claiming Rs are making it up. They are ignoring the fact that two judges already ruled in Scott’s favor.