Andrew Gillum Says When He Wins As Florida Governor 'His People' Will Be Getting 'Paid Back' For Slavery


Please provide empirical evidence to support your assertion. remember my little snowflake, your opinion is not empirical evidence, fact or data


Melting down?.. Hardly… just pointing out yet one more bit of hypocrisy from the left… And what about all of the lies he seems to be telling to get elected… bother you any… or are you one of those ‘by any means necessary’ kind of people?


You live in a separate reality.


That doesn’t even come close to explaining this level of stupidity :rofl::rofl:


Do you know how ignorant that statement is? You are a fucking moron…


What a FUKING MORONIC statement that is!!!
How do you excuse the RANTINGS of Louis Farrakcoon and Al Sharpton among others. JUST one more IDIOTIC statement from LEFTIST LOONS!!! Go talk to more SANE and INFORMED PEOPLE you DYKE !!!



is this for real?

did he really say that? If they elect this clown Florida will not only go broke , he will be responsible for the biggest racial division since the 1960’s

What an idiot.


What would your response be if someone called a black person the N word? I bet you’d go postal over that.


Why exactly is it impossible to be racist towards white people? Especially when white people are the only true minority racial group on the planet.


Logic and facts are not part of here2bqueer’s vocabulary. She is fluent in virtue signalling and snowflakery though, if that helps :rofl::rofl:


This is so incorrect it’s not even funny. It is possible for all races to be racist, and it is possible for all races to be targeted for racism.

And don’t give me that “well, white people are not systemically oppressed like black people are.” There is no excuse for racism, not against blacks, not against whites, not against anyone. You are perpetuating the problem with logic like yours. Racism will only die out when every race is considered as worthy, and people are taught to respect everyone, regardless of their race, disability, socioeconomic status, etc. We are all human beings, and thus, every one of us deserves kindness and respect. The only reason why someone doesn’t deserve respect is if they lose it by disrespecting someone else.

If one cannot walk up the stairs, build a ramp. But there’s no need to shame the people who can walk, because they, too, cannot help their genetics. I’m sorry, but logic like yours disgusts me.


You are all wrong. It’s not possible to be racist against white people because whites inherently have white privilege and white people created the structures of oppression that were systematically designed to marginalize and victimize people of color.


But not their descendants??? Damn.


You need to check your definitions my little snowflake.

Racism = hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

So simple, there is even a chance you might understand it


Oh dear, wow, you are so misinformed it isn’t funny
Ever heard of the nation of Islam in America? or the new black panther party?
How about the racial strife in South Africa
How about muslims of Arabic descent.

You think it isn’t possible to be racist against white people? try taking a trip to the middle east and Africa.

Im just really shocked that someone actually thinks this.



Whites institutionalized that…so again. It’s not possible to be racist against whites. They inherently had the power to oppress.


So you’re blaming someone for something they cannot help? That’s the same as blaming a black person for things they cannot help.

The white privilege concept has too many holes in it, to be fair. Not only that, but look back to the 60’s, with the second wave of Civil Rights advocacy. Minorities such as blacks, females, etc. wanted to be considered as equal, not have a privilege hierarchy.

Let’s try to apply the concept of white privilege to my ancestry. I’m half German, and a quarter Czech. Czechs were one of the countries invaded by Adolf Hitler, and sent to the death camps. They were oppressed by the Germans. Now, because of history, should I feel guilt because I have German in my genes, or should I feel contempt because I am also Czech? I really would like to know your answer to this.


I’m not blaming anyone. Just stating the obvious. White people have always had it easier than everyone else. Whites today continue to benefit by the color of white skin. People of color are beaten, jailed, or murdered because of the color of their skin. That’s the system that whites built.



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