Andrew Gillum Says When He Wins As Florida Governor 'His People' Will Be Getting 'Paid Back' For Slavery


which white people Here2bqueer?

which ones?

the Italians?
The germans?
the Irish?

Which ones?

Do you consider Jewish folks white?
How about the chinese and Japanese?
do you consider them white?


White people have always had it easier? If you say so. The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves - Global Research
]( You are aware the word “slave” pertains to whites who were sold into slavery, correct? It’s from the word Slav.


Any person white white skin who derives a benefit from whiteness (hint: that’s all of them).


Not only that, but Native Americans technically oppressed their own kind by invading tribes and taking women, children and horses as spoils and slaves.


So are whites.


And whites butchered Native Americans to the people of near extinction. Try again.

Whites also systematically oppressed Native Americans by social disenfranchisement and by seizing their native lands to put enslaved Africans on to generate crops for which they were never paid.


Yes, a separate reality.

I can’t imagine how I didn’t;t feel the privilege when I was in the service of this country making squat.

I can’t imagine how I didn’t feel the privilege living in a 3 room apt after getting out of the service.
Living room/ bedroom in 1.
Kitchen with enough for a small table and 2 chairs.
All in a cozy 500 sq foot apartment. No it wasn’t cheap but all I could do to barely afford. Yes there were many mac and cheese from a box nights. Yes there were Ramen nights and some with nothing.

I did feel the privilege when I started college and paid for it as I went and it took 8 very long years working full time to accomplish the final goal of graduating.

p.s. You have no idea what it is like to a person of color just the platitudes you pass off that you learned from the party.

You are exactly what’s wrong with this once great nation, making excuses all the day long. Never accepting responsibility for sheit.


You don’t know your history here2bqueer.

Because the Irish wasn’t treated well here, neither were the Italians or the Germans

and I asked you earlier, do you consider Jews white?
or Chinese or Japanese white?


I got to tell you he, she, it can really quote the party line.


The English word slave comes from Old French sclave, from the Medieval Latin sclavus, from the Byzantine Greek σκλάβος, which, in turn, comes from the ethnonym Slav, because in some early Medieval wars many Slavs were captured and enslaved.


No - I accept the wrongs of my ancestors and try to make up for them every day. I hope that we one day see the entire US completely populated by PoC and where whites finally get what is deserverd - extinction.


That’s genocide.

20 char


No - it’s survival of the fittest. Once whites no longer have the power they won’t survive.

Every time I see a white baby I get physically repulsed and wonder why the mother didn’t do the right thing.

I want white birth rates to hit zero.


Permit me a revisionist view of slavery. by Fred Reed

I suggest that blacks ought to be grateful that their faster ancestors caught their slower ancestors — which is exactly what happened — and sold them to the slavers. American blacks would otherwise be somewhere on the Slave Coast of Africa, barefoot, illiterate, blankly ignorant, wearing loincloths, living in stick huts that would give Eeyore the willies, and shuddering with malaria. That’s what Africa is: primitive, hopeless, godawful. I’ve been in Masai hutments, spent time in the outback of Cuando Cubango. It’s not Stone Age. It’s more like Stick Age. No country in Africa today comes close, or ever has, to the culture of Fifth Century Athens, 2500 years ago.

Yes, slavery was brutal and ugly. It was, however, hard on the slaves, not on today’s blacks. Slavery brought our blacks into contact with a vastly superior civilization from which they benefit enormously, and without the slightest gratitude. Everything blacks enjoy in this country today — air-conditioning, writing, automobiles, television, medicine, welfare, medicine, everything — they enjoy only because they were brought here. Further, they have contributed almost nothing to the industrial and technological flowering that has provided the benefits they enjoy.

I begrudge them none of this. I am, however, tired of endlessly being blamed for their problems.


PoC are still oppressed by slavery. They aren’t on the plantation, but they are still under the control of white men and are killed for it. They are not free.


By that kind of logic, blacks should have been exterminated prior to the 1860’s, because they were considered an inferior race then. They didn’t have anything once the 13th amendment was established, but the clothes on their backs. So survival of the fittest, should have wiped them out. The problem is, we have too many kind-hearted people here that were against that.

I thought the liberalism was the ideology of tolerance?


I guess you think that blacks were automatically considered to be “equal” after the Confederates lost like the coward and inadequate racists that they are.

Yes - we want to destroy the structures of intolerance that oppress PoC.



ahhhhhhhh, we finally hit the crux here2bqueer, your ancestors were slave owners and you are upset about it , got it.

so why dont you liquidate your assets and give it to some minority that you feel has been oppressed?

And by the way you do know Ive never called you any names right? but I do have to say one thing
and don’t take this as Im attacking you.

If you want the white race to be extinct in the USA, you do know that, either Islam or sharia law would take over or state run communism like the former USSR and either way because you are in the LBGT community you will either be driven underground or systematically wiped out

Is that what you want ?

You should thank God you are in America where we have laws protecting you vs places like the Middle east , Russia or any other marxist leninist countries

So when are you going to pony up for the wrongs committed by your ancestors?


Well slick, I’m 2nd generation American and my ancestors did no wrong in this country and the bulk of America is exactly like myself therefore we have nothing to apologize for. Ben Carson came from the lowest of lives and made a world for himself and has no need to blame others.

My wife is 3rd generation American and a minority and gives you and the politically correct people like yourself the middle finger and says your clueless and full of sheit and excuses for your failures in life. I tend to agree with her.

p.s. A shame your mother, if you had one didn’t do the right thing for all society and help with cleansing the gene pool.


My ancestors were not slave owners. I accept the guilt of my whiteness and make up for it every day.