Andrew Gillum Says When He Wins As Florida Governor 'His People' Will Be Getting 'Paid Back' For Slavery


No, that is the definition of Racism in any language. If you are talking about any other definition please do provide it from a recognised source. I might remind you that you invented definitions will not be acceptable


And we accept your virtue signalling stupidity


If you are white and your ancestors are European you have benefitted from your whiteness all your life. You are privileged and are a part of the never-ending regime of oppression.


What slavery is that??

Please provide facts and data. Once again your opinion doesn’t count as either fact or data


so you have liquidated your assets and given it to some minority who is poor?
is that what youre telling us Here2bqueer?


You aren’t making sense. Just because slavery ended doesn’t mean oppression ended along with it.


I help young girls understand their gender fluidity and do everything I can to make sure they don’t give birth to white babies.

I also keep a stockpile of the morning after pill :rofl:


Provide the facts and data to support your assertion.


are you okay with them giving birth and the father is a minority or other ethnicity?
lets say if the woman is white and the father is middle eastern?


If it creates a PoC then yes, I am supportive of that. It thins out white birth rates.



Your stupidity I hilarious


This is nothing more than a bullshit ideological premise put forth by the progressive left to continue the victim class status. A class structure that the left desperately need to maintain power… Either you believe in the definition of racism or you don’t and the ONLY way racism ends is when EVERYONE lives by that definition. That doesn’t mean that specific grievances end only that you can’t ascribe them to an entire race…

Either you want to end racism or you don’t… stop playing the victim card and fix the real problem… EVERYONE is capable of hate regardless of skin color or country of origin…


I had Irish ancestors who were not slave owners, but they were slaves; and guess what, life ain’t fair. Suck it up, climb out of the hole , and get on with life; or go down in flames. Am I owed reparations because I had Irish ancestors who were sold into slavery? I don’t think so.


Every police shooting of a PoC in the last 100 years.


what is a PoC?

20 characters later.


They were probably the only group that deserved to be slaves.


Person of Color. …or People of Color


nevermind, I just figured it out, PoC, person of color.

So what do you say about the nation of Islam and the New Black Panther party that preaches racism or is that okay in your books as its against the white folks in America

What do you say about black on black crimes?


Stop bullshitting and provide the facts and data


I was physically and emotionally abused by my mother from when I was 9 (when I recognized it) up until now. (The most recent incident is my mother locking me in the car). I have Avoidant Personality Disorder, ADD and some other stuff. I struggle with mental illness, and self-esteem issues. For years, I had nightmares about the abuse. I’m still living with my mother, because I can’t be an independent student because I’m too young, not in the military, and not married. I’m still in therapy because of it. How has being white helped me get treated better than a person of color? I would argue the opposite actually. White people can be oppressed, but in different ways. Abuse and disrespect don’t have a skin color. It is rampant every where. We all have our own issues. There are poor white people. There are rich black people. And vice versa. Oppression does not belong to a skin color.