Andrew Gillum Says When He Wins As Florida Governor 'His People' Will Be Getting 'Paid Back' For Slavery


And the reason being? You seem to be well versed on slavery, especially if it involves blacks. Of course you are aware, slavery existed in Africa ( still does ) loooooooooooooooooooong before there was a USA, correct? And I’m sure you are also aware, so called black kings sold other blacks to Arab slavers for centuries, correct? See to me, slavery is slavery is slavery, regardless of the skin color; but you want to rationalize Irish being sold into slavery, as if they deserved it. See, the Irish were taken by armed British military; while blacks were sold into slavery by their own people.


Im curious Here2bqueer, do you hate white men in general ?

are you okay with white men who support your cause?

Do you hate white women who has babies with white men?


It surprises me that so many Blacks adopt Islam as their religion and yet Islam’s slavery trade was responsible for over 280 million African deaths


I’m sorry to hear that you suffered through that and still have to live under the same roof with your abuser.

I am not taking anything away from the suffering you experienced. What I am saying is that PoC have to experience suffering and persecution every waking second of the day no matter where they are. Society is their abuser. That society was created by white people. So instead of having one abuser, each PoC has millions of abusers. Abuse in terms of little things like not having dolls that look like them to big things like driving while black and getting shot for it.

Many PoC also can’t get the help they need in family abuse situations where the authorities come running to save a white child and neglect a PoC. Look at the adoption rates of white children vs children of color. It’s disgusting.


I don’t hate anyone. I see white men as the cause for all that’s wrong with this world.

I accept that there are some white men who are allies but that’s a high bar to cross.

I find white women who create more white people to be as guilty as white men.


I hate to say it, but believe he’s going to win. He’s not only very far to the left, but there appears to be a lot of corruption as well.

Next week could be really bad for Rs in governor’s races. I posted in another thread about Oprah coming to Georgia to campaign for Abrams, which will probably help put her over the top. I think Rs could lose governor’s mansions in WI and MI as well.

Ducey in Arizona, Abbott in Texas and Hogan in Maryland appear on to easy reelections, but that’s about it.


Thanks. Indeed, many poor communities have it worse than I do. Many communities have it better than I do. I do plan on adopting. I do think that Barbie dolls should have all kinds of skin tones, hair colors, eye colors, heights, weights, etc. because it does involve little girls practicing their social skills, and it’s important to be accepting of everyone. I do plan on adopting children instead of bearing my own, partially for this reason.

But everybody has their issues that they must deal with, some in their control, and some out of their control. I just don’t think it’s unique. I think that part of solving the issue is bringing back the ideals of honesty and respect. Teaching everyone at a young age that it’s wrong to steal what you did not earn, and to be polite to others. How to be both strong and vulnerable. I don’t think that killing anyone is the solution- I don’t want to kill my mother, I just don’t want to be around her. I understand she has some issues that cause her to be the way she is, and I’ve been working on forgiveness. I’m sorry for being so harsh earlier, btw.


So sorry to hear what you have gone through. And you are right that oppression and abuse happen to everyone, it’s not exclusive to one race.

Gillum seems to make a lot of things about race though, using the race card over valid criticism of him or his policies.


Please provide facts and data to support this assertion


Is that a quote from the New Testament?


As I thought, you are just spouting unsupportable bullshite, a common trait among the snowflake community. For you, facts are just something you make up. You really are a pathetic lot


so white men who support your cause and has babies with white women falls under?

Blaming the white man for the problems of the world is really either naive or disingenuous, if you gave examples of what is white because you seem to be okay with Irish whites being slaves but not african being slaves.

and speaking of slavery, Muslims, Arabs, Africans and even Native Indians participated in slavery or do you not count that?

The white man isnt responsible for what went on in China during Mao’s rule, or the Japanese under their whacked out Emperor or its history.

Genghis Khan wasnt white and look what he did.

But getting back to modern days, blaming the white man for the problems in the USA is like I said disingenuous, it was the white man who gave women the right to vote, and if you understand the history of feminist movement in America, women in the 1800’s didn’t want to vote at first because they didnt want to have to burden of being drafted into war, bucket brigades and things like that because that came with voting responsibilities .

You do know about that right?


That is something I could never figure out. That and the fact today’s black leaders will not admit, black kings ( well, so called kings ) in Africa sold millions of blacks to Arab slavers for centuries. And so, the Liberal approach is to blame whites. Thing is, as wrong as slavery is ( and was in the USA ), the supply of slaves & the selling of slaves existed for 1,000s of years before the USA existed. If slavery & the supply of slaves did not already exist, white plantation owners could have never bought slaves. Also blacks who owned slaves in the US could not have bought slaves either. Yes Skippy, black people in the USA also owned slaves; but that fact upsets Liberals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Black kings who sold black slaves to Arab slavers for centuries; and the in stone fact blacks in the USA also owned slaves, is conveniently not taught in our Liberal influenced public schools. I wonder why? ------------------------------------------------------------ Now the real Earth shaker is, whites who were sold into slavery in the Americas is something else not taught. If that were taught, it could level the field on slavery in the Americas. Still, it’s an in stone documented fact. Ya can’t erase truth.


Jim South,

you also forgot to mention that the europeans who came into Africa made deals with Arab, African kings who fought against other africans and won and of course when you are the victor the conquered is powerless to do anything

Ask one of these libs to explain how exactly did Europeans captured african slaves in the first place?

Do they think that the europeans just walked in started picking up slaves?
think about it, if blacks are killing whites in South Africa and doing it with ease what makes them think that White Europeans traveling to a continent thousands of miles away and capturing slaves with ease?

does that make sense?

Of course they got help from the slave trading african and arab tribes

Libs dont want to mention that for some reason.


The whites who settled South Africa were certainly the victims. There were no blacks in established communities; it was hunter - gatherers. Now, South Africa is heading back to the stone age. Now this is an eyeopener. Called documented history. READ ON: [

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 3 - Suidlanders

]( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before the white people came to Africa, the most effective way Blacks controlled their own populations were with genocidal tribal wars…and cannibalism.


Did society created the conditions in our inner cities?


Whites created the conditions of the inner cities through segregation. When de- segregation took place it was only on paper. Whites still kept African Americans poor and in the ghettos.


you are racist!

you are going against a black person!

we see the double standard… and Blacks who exploit the double standard 4 their own political (or other ) benefit are, to say the least, dishonest. I say Liars but I guess that sounds extreme… and racist… [roll eyes]


Whites or liberal wannabes?


lets be honest here, it was the Democrat party policies that kept segregation in place
why do they get a pass Here2bqueer?