Andrew Gillum Says When He Wins As Florida Governor 'His People' Will Be Getting 'Paid Back' For Slavery


Some of must segregated areas in the country is libs strongholds like Boston, Chicago, NY, Detriot and Baltimore.

And they’re all run by libs.

So it may not be just whites…it’s ideologue.

Or it’s “White Libs” :wink:


I was on a construction job ( maybe 16 - 17 years ago ) at a new public housing facility, all black tenants.

. And I returned to do more work ( plumbing ) 5 years later. The place looked like a battle zone. Now tell me, who was it that crapped & pissed in hallways, punched holes through drywall, sprayed graffiti, tore off doors, spread crack vials , drug paraphernalia, syringes, liquor bottles on the property, stole appliances, engaged in pimping, did the drive by shootings. The facility would have been a wonderful place to live for anyone who respected it; but it was turned into a dump in less than 5 years. I believe it has already been listed for demolition. Such gratitude. And who suffered, the decent tenants.


And their isn’t a progressive in the world who will admit that they voted for and supported the antithesis of Plessy and the ‘benevolence’ of a party so hungry for power that they built tower blocks in the middle of the most economically and socially deprived sections of town. While you may wish to blame it on ‘whites’ in general terms… some people always knew plessy was unconstitutional and those same people knew that the 1964 civil rights act, was just as racist, just as limiting and just as repressive as anything ‘seperate but equal’ did… but the fact is… you guys voted for it and called us racist for supporting the right of an individual to pick their own associations. You guys just can’t stand to admit that the 17 trillion dollars wasted on eleiminating poverty and racism was an abject failure and your ‘efforts’ to keep blacks on the reservation has done nothing but make matters worse…

No, you don’t get to blame all whites… that is an outright lie.

As a follow on to what has been said above… the worst, most segregated, poor and deprived areas in America belong to long running democrat government… people YOU consistently vote for.


i was just going to say this!

those libs… lying, dishonest And/or clueless about history!

It was the Dem party that was full of white supremacists and didn’t want the blacks to be free or be citizens or have jobs once thye were freed. Woodrow Wilson was racist and his policies did this… kept the working blacks poor… then FDR came along to make the new gov plantation that all blacks were to live on (subsist on)

and so we have the welfare system aka the New Plantation

Dinesh d’Souza writes a VERY good book on this… Death of a Nation


no, everyone suffered… no one is happy dealing or using drugs and living as u describe…


thank you for this truth-appreciating comment.

those libs… people wonder why i call them Evil. It is because they ARE. Tehy LIE all the time, they twist and distort history (and anything else they get their hands on)

HELLO, America!

It was the Dems who belonged to the KKK

the Dems who didn’t want to pass Civil Rights legislation

the Dems who were white supremecists

Woodrow Wilson was the one who started the Keep Blacks Poor movement which is Keep them on govt assistance, keep them in poverty to as to always ensure their vote (“We need this gov check so we have to vote for the Dems who always want to give us more free stuff”)

FDR and esp LBJ finished off the building of the new gov Plantation

again, everyone: Please read Death of a Nation by Dinesh d’Souza (non-white dude)


it started before Woodrow Wilson, it started after Andrew Johnson took over for the assassinated Abe Lincoln.

Of course Andrew Johnson of the “democrat party”


yeh, thanks for the reminder. I think it was the first Civil Rights bill (or some bill favorable to the newly freed slaves) that he vetoed

and the veto was over-ridden


I think you’ll find that the black community does that all on their own


it isn’t whites or blacks that keep blacks down

it is the governemnt

run by dems


people need to take personal responsibility regardless of the skin colour and background


personal responsibility… I don’t like that term

it implies that a person is totally and without the least reservation

free to do whatever the hell he or she wants

that is not so


Well you are certainly right given the last one hundred years of democratic law making but for the most part people are pretty in charge of their destiny… and just because someone is impulsive does not absolve them of the ‘other’ choice they could have made. The US is still free enough for you move around and do as you please as long as you don’t step on the toes of others. It tells me that you are afraid of your own ability to navigate yourself in life and need a government to always be their to prop you up.

Tell me what you are not free to do that does not involve harming, coercing or defrauding someone else?


Slavery has been around for thousands of years. Does anyone believe the Egyptians built the Pyramids themselves???
Slavery was active in Africa amongst the tribal wars and when slaves were sold to the Arab slave traders.
Slaves in the U.S. had it better than in Africa. Other ethnic groups weren’t exempt from slavery including the Chinese (railroads) , Irish and Italians. Correct me if I’m wrong, but were Irishmen hung from lampposts in New Orleans in the late 1800s???
There are many examples of politicians ( mostly Democrats) that supported SEGREGATION AFTER RECONSTRUCTION. Has here2bqueer heard of former Ark Gov.Faubus, the DISHONORABLE GEORGE C. WALLACE, Sen
Richard Russell (D Ga) author of the Southern Manifesto and Sen. Strom Thurmond (D Sc) just to name a few on the Democratic " Honor Roll " that supported SEGREGATION (ie SLAVERY). So here2bqueer go take a history class!!


personal responsibility means you are responsible for you own life, it’s not the government’s job to make you happy or to provide for you, although there are some leftists who believes the government is their sugar daddy.

I am responsible for my own life and well being .


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You might want to check into some numbers, hint, black people being victims of violent crime at the hands of white people is far more rare than the other way around.


There is a certainty that here 2 be whatever is a racist to the extreme.


All you certainly are not a democrat, progressive or a liberal with that kind of attitude.