Andrew Gillum Says When He Wins As Florida Governor 'His People' Will Be Getting 'Paid Back' For Slavery


When people of color are jailed it is because they committed a crime. They face a jury of their peers, are provided with an attorney and evidence is presented. It is exactly the same process any person goes through regardless of their skin color.

A considerable amount of black people are murdered by other black people. What are your thoughts on black people murdering black people?

FBI Uniformed Crime Statistics indicated that 2,380 Blacks were killed by other Blacks . During the same period, 2,574 Whites were killed by Whites. It’s tempting to stop here and conclude quantitatively (by simple weight of numbers) that Black-on-Black isn’t a problem since more Whites kill Whites than Blacks kill Blacks. The terrible truth is found in the qualitative analysis. Blacks make up only 13% of the population yet nearly 50% of all murder victims are Blacks killed by Blacks . It’s not merely that Whites kill Whites and Blacks kill Blacks. It’s that Blacks are killing Blacks at horrifyingly higher rates than are seen in other segments of society. Source: FBI’s 2015 Uniformed Crime Report


Diane, you just haven’t check your privilege in making factual statement like that :joy::joy::joy:


It’s difficult to take anyone with more than a grain of salt who is still moping over ancestors they never knew while at the same time showing no outrage for the slavery that still exists today.


At the rate blacks kill each other, they are not being very supportive of your hopes and dreams.


Wait, what you are white, but want white mothers to kill their children?

I don’t think you hate white people. I think you hate yourself.


I think he will, too. It will be a sad day for Florida.


I am privileged and have no desire to check it or hide it. Why? Because I worked damn hard to be where I am today. My own parents did not want me to go to college. I worked during the day, went to college at night and paid for every book, every class all on my own. While people were playing and partying on the weekends, I had my nose buried in studies.

I became a business owner and still work damn hard every day.

So, I find people who mope around blaming others for their lack of responsibility in the outcome of their own lives to be nothing jealous cry babies. Wanna be’s without the spine to risk failure and lack of fortitude to pick themselves up and get back on their feet.

I wear my privilege as a badge of honor because I earned it and I deserve it. :wink:


Campaigns are bought throughout the country.

In Colorado out next governor will be Jared polis, a democrat who’s has outspent the republican Stapleton.

Polis bought a school board seat with his own money, 1 million bucks.
Polis bought a house seat, 6 million bucks, his own money.
As of September he spent over 17.5 million of his own money buying the governors office.

An update, Polis is now officially over 20 million to buy the governorship. It’s expected to top 25 million.

People are beyond naive and stupid when it comes to politics.


Whites had it easy being denied entrance to college because of Affirmative Action allowing a lesser qualified student ( probably dumber) to take their place. Competition to enter college is RACIST also.
Properly funding and having competent teachers in poor performing schools, especially inner city schools would go a long way to improve minority education for them to compete .I guess that is also RACIST.
Try to stop playing the guilt complex card for Whitesand quit the WHINING!!! Look at the black on black crime in Chicago which has a DEMOCRATIC BLACK MAYOR!!! What excuse will you make up for this ???


With O’Keefe’s last video take down of one of his campaign guys and a friend that goes back to college saying that Floridians are nothing but crackers and nothing Gillum says to get elected is true… He just might be on the back foot… He had to answer for this guy publicly… of course he fired him but it is clear he didn’t know his college chum as well as the thought… or he did and got caught out… Kind of like Obama not knowing that after sitting in a pew for 20 Jeremiah Wright is a racist bigot…



White Slavery, what the Scots already know - Electric Scotland

This story will offer evidence that the Alba, Scots , Irish and Pics have been the longest race held in slavery .


The implication (indeed codification) of this statement is that White people are naturally superior to other races, and so, are the only ones whose disdain for another race can be called racism. That’s a mighty racist claim, little- whatever you are.


Progs will bring up that infamous picture of the black man’s back scarred by whipping. Strange… photography was well established, certainly post civil war. And yet there only seem to be a few pictures of the atrocities.

So you could try to produce a picture of a beaten Irishman. Or Italians can pointvto the mass lynching of Italians in New Orleans. And I can point to the fact that my own Greek family was still enslaved by the Ottomans 50 years after the US emancipation proclamation. But then the progs say … “yeah but… now you have ‘accumulated wealth’ of a white man”. You can never win an argument using facts with progs. They NEED to keep black people in a constant state of perceived victimhood.


… and adding new words every day. “Soros”, “nationalist”, “globalist” are some of newer entries into the prog book, “I’m Offended, You’re Offended”.




it’s one of those long stories

and I’m not in the mood for long story tellings


i agree except for the following:

people who are ALREADY dependent on the govt… and most of them are deceived (again by the dems)

are rather stuck

not completely stuck but

it’s called learned helplessness. Yes, it can be overcome, but it is not always as easy as those on the outside looking in think


those who have never been “low-income” don’t have a clue…


Well… when you are ready to share your singular story of deprivation with us… we will all read it for what we might learn from it. But I would have to say that if the story is long and convoluted, likely you had some free will in the outcome.


and yet some of them turns to crime, they know its wrong but they still do it

I get that the system is stacked against them but playing the victimhood status doesnt help them either.


I don’t share my personal story with anyone I don’t know, mostly because… as the song says

please don’t let me be misunderstood…

I’m usually misunderstood… but let’s just suffice it to say vis a vis my personal life:

I am being horrendously, egregiously persecuted.

for what? you may ask…

wel, if you want to put it the most accurate terms of all, and also the most simple terms, i guess I would say the reason is: I follow the truth (as best I can, as best I know how).

Most people do not like the truth… even self included sometimes :open_mouth::expressionless:

and so people who dislike truth (Jesus) persecute those who do… and sometimes those who persecute have the power and the money to make your life miserable… and are more than happy to do so

but you know… Jesus said there’d be days like this (I paraphrase of course)

what he actually said was that we who follow him would be hated (Mk 13:13)