Andrew Gillum Says When He Wins As Florida Governor 'His People' Will Be Getting 'Paid Back' For Slavery



Hey… No one is pushing you for personal details of anything… You were the one who commented that you didn’t like the term 'Personal responsibility. All I asked was a simple question about individual liberty in America.

Tell me what you are not free to do that does not involve harming, coercing or defrauding someone else?

Modified… sorry for any optical distress it might have cause, I was just trying to get the reference correct and I agree… it didn’t come out correctly…


you have that last line as being MINE when it is yours.

I would appreciate it being changed, as I don’t like people ascribing to me things I have not said, regardless of whether said things are “slanderous” or not…

anyway, forgot where I was @ again—


Im a PoC, please dont put words in my mouth.


Don’t you love it when people speak for PoC as if they actually understand or even care?

It’s like me speaking on behalf of Transgendered people , what do I know about them?

The left are funny creatures .


They like to play dressup and can’t accept the reality of their existence?


You are clueless as to what it takes to adopt a child in the US.

Try it sometime and you’ll find government and social service agencies as the impediment. I went over seas and adopted a 6 month old child. The US considered me to old to be a parent.


You bring up a lot of very good points but I think that you are seeing things incorrectly. Few will disagree that Plessy v Ferguson was a baddddd decision. It went against everything contained in the constitution about individual liberty and freedom. After it was overturned blacks took to boycotting and picketing establishments that served whites only or those who refused to seat blacks at white counters. Those businesses had a choice to make… either maintain their business as white only or lose black customers and white customers that sympathized with black customers. This is, of course how a society comes to terms with its population… slow but natural and would have likely fixed our race problems well before now… but democrats had other ideas… of course those ideas were to keep blacks ‘satisfied’ and voting for democrats for years. They pushed through the 1964 civil rights act. Some of its provisions were good… Republicans attempted to pass them back in 1957 and couldn’t because of none other than LBJ himself.

Title II and Title VII created the antithesis of Plessy… if the government has no right to forcibly segregate people, it has no right to force them together. To get around this they once again twisted the Commerce Clause to achieve their am… continued control of blacks and the social structure of the United States.

Had the 1964 civil rights act not contained those two provision, I believe race relations in the US would be far better than it has ever been… Local communities would have had their own police forces and Ferguson would have never happened… Blacks would have been directly responsible for their own communities and Baltimore never would have happened… and many black businesses would have thrived rather than withered as black customer all went to ‘whities’ stores… and perhaps black business would have created a black doll for their children just as they created hair straightener for their women. You are right… racism is institutionalized but it isn’t by the people you want to blame.


Cool, then start with the democrats. Vote Republican!


@here2bqueer all cries of racial oppression only comes from towns run by Democrats…

Riots, Democrat cities… police brutality claims democrat cities…

It’s your ideology.

And now blacks are switching over the trump and you want to kill them lol you are the slave owner lol


And the Spanish ancestors of Mexicans butchered the Inca , Mayan, and Aztec. If you take note, the language of Mexico is not Mayan. I suppose Spain owes reparations to all descendants of Central & South American natives.


Ireland, Italy, Israel and Communist China owe reparations for these people that were enslaved or discriminated against here!!!:-1:


Same here. Until you have tried to go through the system in the US you have no idea how hard they make it to adopt and how hard they work to prevent more that accept children being adopted.

Don’t get me started on that freaking horror show. :sweat_smile:


I went through the foreign adoption process, it was far from fun dealing with the US government was beyond painful.


White DEvils! These white crackers trying to keep da black man down! Racist pigs! lol.

Who would have though? A black politician playing the race card? lol.

Andrew, you’re a little late. Obama already made America fall for that trick.


It’s blatantly obvious here2bequeer is the biggest racist on this board, it’s a shame she refuses to see that.


LOL, wonder where he will get the cash for the payoffs.


Most racist can’t … or damn well won’t admit it…


Independents are going to come out strong for republicans in Florida! Red wave baby!
No way can gillium get votes… what’s he running on? Hate?


My cousin adopted two children from Romania. She & her husband were quite wealthy, but it was still a process. The children were sisters, and the orphanage administrator told my cousin, she didn’t have to adopt both; she could let one remain at the orphanage. All those kids had was each other. My cousin was outraged over the administrators comment. Both kids came back to the states with her.


I went the China route. It was unbelievable what they put you through in the US to adopt. If people had to go through the adoption process to ensure they would be suitable parents to have natural born children, there would be far fewer children in the US.