Andrew Gillum Says When He Wins As Florida Governor 'His People' Will Be Getting 'Paid Back' For Slavery


I got the added joy of having all our documents having to go through the State Department in addition to the regular route. For some reason a few states require that additional step and Idaho appears to be one of them. Oh what joy that was. :roll_eyes:


Same here. We managed to get in earlier than we had been planning because they dropped the minimum age down from 35 years old.

I always said if people who had children naturally had to fill out all the paperwork, homestudies and pay up front what we did, people wouldn’t have kids. :joy:


Hope it has worked out well for you.

We went to Anhui Provence, Hefei via Hong kong and Guangzhou. People in the US wouldn’t believe what air pollution’s really like.


Yes, in Colorado all out paper work also went via the state department.

Loved all the social work, the home studies, the inspection of our home. Providing copies of everything from Tax forms for 5 years to birth certificates to marriage licenses. The follow up visits from the social worker.

Most people in the US would be childless of thy had to pass muster required by China and the state department.


Oh, they have no idea. I literally ended up sick while I was there due to it. We were in Guangzhou the whole time except for a brief stay in Hong Kong.


We were fortunate to go inland to another town. A small town of a million or so people at the time. Away from the big city was a far different world.


We got to go on some tours outside of town so that wasn’t too bad. Got to explore quite a bit of Guangzhou though. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did like Hong Kong. A true international city. A bit difficult getting use to the airport security with sub machine guns.

Hefei was a neat small city, the people saw so few westerners and followed us everywhere. The considered the children lucky and everyone wanted to touch them.

Interesting that I felt safer in Hong kong and China than in Europe. No pick pockets in China as the punishment if caught is severe.


Look who’s back… never answered my question last time. I’m just going to call you out for what you are, a pointless, ill educated, morally defunct race baiter. Throwing around words like snowflake as if they affect anyone other than you and your politcal cabal.


I’ve always been willing to cooperate with people carrying automatic weapons.


Brings a bit of calmness to the crowd and people tend to be bit more polite.


Andrew Gillum Concedes to Ron DeSantis in Florida Governor’s Race


I am SO HAPPY Gillum lost. I am breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning.


I don’t know, that it was even close is pretty disturbing.


It is very disturbing but not surprising where his votes came from:
Gillum carried most of the state’s metropolitan areas, including Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

Just two years ago someone with a platform like his would never have gained traction.

I believe a lot of this election was about hated of Trump being more important than the actual platforms. But, I could be wrong.


There is some sanity left in the Florida election!!! :us:


Free shit is a very persuasive argument. The same thing nearly happened in the UK, Socialist Labour suggested that they were going to forgive student loans and they got a massive student vote. It was only after the election that Labour admitted that they couldn’t deliver on that as no one had actually costed it correctly


I paid my own way through college ( while supporting a family ). You must pay for everything in this world, one way or another. Nothing is free, except the Grace of God. Thing is, I was raised to be, ah, what’s that word; oh yeah, HONORABLE.


Praise the Lord, that is absolutely good news.

Bye bye socialist man.


What about the rest of the Democrats?