Announcing FreebirdTV and the RS Shop


Donations Matter

When I launched Donate and Patreon (which will ban us soon) back in January I was humbled by the support of this community and the willingness of so many to donate. As promised, all donations get rolled back into the site to pay for ongoing server expenses and upgrades to provide more features to the community.

Thanks to your donations and support, there is a big upgrade today.


YouTube has been going absolutely insane lately in their war on conservatives. We now have a viable alternative to bending the knee to Google’s increasingly ideologically driven agenda.

The short version is, as a community we have a model for an actual YouTube killer, focused on free speech, and open to anyone and everyone who is getting demonetized or kicked off YouTube entirely. In time, it will be possible for to completely replicate the YouTube experience for viewers and creators, without forcing anyone to operate within the constraints of YouTube. Community guideline strikes, channel deletion and demonetization have taken a heavy toll on content creators, not to mention the broader fight for online free speech.

FreebirdTV isn’t even 24 hours old. I still have a lot more work to do on the platform. It’s not perfect - yet. However, it us usable. It works just like YouTube does and is actually a bit more straightforward to use. Especially the live streaming which is compatible with all streaming software and all mobile devices.

Right now, I don’t have a lot of content on there but all are welcome to create and contribute. This is YOUR platform. The members of this community will always have priority. As the service matures I’ll share updates along the way. For now, take a look around and listen to the Constitution (I know - I need to figure out embeds like I did here with YouTube).

Republic Standard Shop

Some of you may have noticed the new shop in the menu above. Instead of just asking you nicely for your donations - we are also offering you things like mugs, t-shirts, and hoodies to help cover our costs. The prices are about as low as I could get them and still (hopefully) make a little something to cover expenses. I did all of the designs myself and many are NOT politically correct - that wouldn’t be any fun. All proceeds go to funding both Republic Standard and Freebird.

Just to dispel any confusion, Republic Standard was a blog I created a while back and turned off because I didn’t have the time to devote to it. That all changed in January and a huge thanks to our fellow community member and editor @Ash_Sharp for breathing a tremendous amount of life back into Republic Standard, hitting 100k views in 75 days, and encouraging the finest authors available to partner with us.

Stick around everyone! Things are getting exciting!



You never fail to disappoint my man. Having our own YouTube is the way to go. I have an entire library of videos that have been banned from YouTube already. I’m already downloading lots of gun videos because once they get wiped that’s it. I don’t know how the copyright stuff works but we should ask the people who are about to get kicked if we can upload their videos.


Nice! Now I don’t have to worry about getting my YouTube account banned every time I upload something.


Well @Tyfoon I am working on an outreach program right now to YouTube content creators: the letter I have written is available here on Google Drive- I have turned on comments, if people would like to add suggestions or things you think we have missed, that would be great. Myself and @Patriot are hyped for the next stage of this project, but it is and always will be a collaborative effort between platform, creators and audience. The ethics of this great forum are the same at Republic Standard- and of course for FreebirdTV. Free expression is freedom, and whatever the future holds we will be best equipped to meet it by our exchange of arguments and ideas.

Without going on for too long as I am wont to do, we will enforce the lowest possible barriers on content to be legally compliant- no copyright violations, no pornography, be an adult.

On a personal note I think this is as good a time as any to thank all of you this community (even the commies) for being such an engaging bunch, as individuals and through your conversations. I learn a lot every time I read these threads, I express my gratitude to you all. Thank you.

Finally, I just want to say what you all know already and knew way before I showed up: @Patriot is the man. I’ve been working with this guy every day for the past three or four months and I have never encountered such a driven and technically competent person who also possesses such strong principles. He possesses true understanding and depth of character, it is my privilege to work with him on these platforms. I get to tell thousands of people what I think about stuff whenever I want, and that would be impossible without Republic Standard and Thanks mate, I am living my dreams.

Okay enough of the ass kissing. Subscribe to me on FreebirdTV! I’ll upload all my cringe YouTube content later. Lets roll!


Great work @Patriot! I’ve been a member here for a long time and you never cease to impress! Thanks for all of the work you put in. I hope more people see how committed you are and donate or subscribe. More green or orange icons people!


Gab begged people for millions and they still don’t have video right. Really great work!


Thanks for the kind words everyone. FreebirdTV progress is really moving along. I’m working on some things now but @Ash_Sharp and I did a long mobile live stream this morning and it worked perfectly - even over a VPN.


Good. We don’t need YouTube. Let their platform die a slow and painful death. My home screen is now filled with nothing but cringey garbage. YouTube is only convenient because they have had the time and money to kill competition and embed themselves in everything. They forgot that people don’t have to use their platform. People don’t go to YouTube because the site is perfect. It isn’t. They go to YouTube to get the content they want. If the content people want to watch moves elsewhere so will the people who watch it.


Brilliant move. With a smaller space I just might try making my own videos. I’ll be honest the size of YouTube always intimidated me.


Get ready for gun vids bud. I’ll be uploading mine.


There’s no need to even aim to replace YouTube- who could be bothered with that? Instead, we just need to make the content we like and be assured that we won’t be politically censored.


Awesome! I think there’s a lot of great content that YouTube is just terrified of.


Yeah I think that’s right. I don’t want the SJWs on YouTube to feel like they have a space here. They don’t. At least as far as I’m concerned. That doesn’t meant I don’t welcome lefties because I do. Just not the ones who call me racist without knowing who the hell I am.


Heh, I feel you. Still, the YouTube market already showed the world that leftist content has to be forced on the people and right wing/even basic free speech issue content has to be suppressed in order for the ideological aims of Google to be met- I see no reason why when left to its own devices that the FreebirdTV community will be a vigorous meeting place of ideas.

Leftists are as welcome as anyone else, bring the ideas and let people argue it out


Excited for this. I hate seeing anyone being censored like Youtube did its members.


My sister is 100% normie. She watches the Kardashians and posts everything happening in her life on Facebook. She complained to me the other day that she didn’t understand why her YouTube front page had videos she never watched or subscribed to. Lots of transgender videos and YouTube Red promotions. If they are pissing off the normies then you know they stepped too far.


That’s insane. To be fair to the “moderate” left which still does exist and I don’t believe is evil, I know few people who despise the hard left more than they. They just don’t follow it through to the logical conclusion of crowdfunding a helicopter and a Chilean general’s uniform like normal people would do.


Tell her to complain about that on Facebook. Report back on how fast she gets banned.


Wow! This is great! Thanks for all that you do @Patriot