Announcing FreebirdTV and the RS Shop


Could not have come at a better time !


@Patriot - I’m liking your shop… I would like to see a Freebird Deplorable Commemorative Mug ! I’m feeling particularly Deplorable… and Proud :grin:


I can make that happen for you @Scott


You need some stars and bars swag.


Nice going…you can’t step away from this place for a few days without missing something. Genius move. Pulling my YouTube vids today.


WOW! I’ve been away for too long. Helluva job @Patriot this is impressive. Day 1 and the site already has a bunch of great vids on it. Plus the shop! I’m going to have to send some custom designs along to add to the inventory. Forgive my long absence.


Hi Nord, I think you pre-date my arrival, good to meet you. If you want to have some things in the store that is awesome, send your designs in and we’ll see what profit margin we can get for you.