Another cost of illegal immigration


A special thank you to states raising the minimum wage rate making this all possible.

Mexican-Americans sent home a record $28.1 billion in remittances in 2017—an increase of 6.6 percent from 2016.

Latin America absorbed roughly half of all America’s remittance outflows, which totaled nearly $140 billion in 2017.

Mexico was the largest single destination for remittance payments from America last year, while China was a distant second ($15.4 billion).

That being said, Mexico is far from being an outlier. Latin America absorbed roughly half of all America’s remittance outflows, which totaled nearly $140 billion in 2017. Furthermore, over $50 billion in remittances were sent to Mexico and Central America alone: Guatemala received $6.8 billion in remittances, El Salvador $4.2 billion, the Dominican Republic $4.1 billion, and Honduras $3.4 billion.

Perhaps comically, remittances were actually Mexico’s biggest source of foreign income after auto exports, far surpassing the $20 billion that Mexico earned from oil exports and the $19 billion from tourism in 2017.

Undoubtedly the majority of these remittances were sent by legal immigrants to America, although a substantial share was in fact sent by illegal immigrants. It is estimated that illegal immigrants sent $38 billion abroad in remittances in 2017.

But why should you care about remittance outflows? Regarding remittances sent by legal immigrants, there’s really nothing that can be done: it’s their money, they can do with it as they like. However, remittances sent by illegal immigrants are a cause for concern. Spencer P Morrison explains:

Imagine the worst possible tax you can think of. What would it look like?

If you’re like most people, you thought of some fat, curly-haired king sitting in a palace spending your money on foppish garments and a harem of French harlots. That’s a bad tax. No doubt about it.

But at least he’s (presumably) your king, and he’s spending the money in your country. Eventually you will see that money again, no matter how frivolously he spends it.

I can think of a worse tax: pretend the above situation’s exactly the same in every respect except now he’s not your king. He’s king of Timbuktu. Even worse. It’s bad enough you’re paying for someone’s pomp and circumstance, but now he’s not even buying the pomp locally—you’ll never see that money again.

Paying taxes, no matter how inefficient, is better than paying tribute to a foreign land. Redistribution is bad, elimination is altogether worse.

Remittances function in the economy the same was as does a maximally inefficient tax: money literally disappears from America’s economy, never to be seen again. This decreases the velocity of money, reducing economic efficiency and therefore growth—most of the arguments against high taxes likewise apply to remittances, although it’s beyond the scope of this article to deal with them in any detail.

Suffice it to say that this “hidden tax” is one of the often ignored economic arguments against illegal immigration, and should be given more attention by American citizens and politicians.


Illegals add nothing to the economy or to American society. There shouldn’t even be a debate about these foreign citizens who are here Illegally, stink the place up and send any money they make back “home” which is where they should be going.


The only way illegals could possibly send money back to their legal Country is by using OUR services and collecting some benefits like food stamps and raiding every soup kitchen in a 50 mile radius ! We are lead to believe they only take the jobs Americans refuse to do and they are the very lowest wage jobs out there , this can’t be the case . How could they send thousands of US dollars out of the Country on those wages ? When we start dealing with criminals and overlooking their crimes there will be no end to a repeat of the very same happening 5 years from now ! NO amnesty , remove them from our Country ASAP !!!


We have little agriculture and we are chock full of illegals.
They work in commercial construction, residential construction, roofing, road construction, landscaping, painting, fast food, restaurants, as well i retail, and just about every company around.

Yeah, jobs Americans don’t want to do.


We need more 7/11 raids like the one a few weeks ago !


Looks to me like their are enough remittances from the US to Mexico to tax the hell out of them.


Mexico is a failed state due to its racial make up of less than 10% White Spaniard-descendants, and 90% mestizo or pure indio.

It can’t survive without being a welfare state and it’s us who pays that welfare through direct aid, bad trade deals, and remittances.

By having a porous border Mexico alleviates its own unemployment by having their unemployed come here (which also happen to be the least capable segment of their population).

Then the ones who are here, both illegally and legally, suck $20 Billion out of our economy EVERY YEAR by remittances to Mexico.

A tough border is only a start. Once we bring to power those with a backbone and have our own house in order, then we reinvade Mexico just as we did in 1846. Only instead of giving them their country back after defeating it like last time, we deport all mestizos and indios south of the border with Guatemala. The tiny minority of pure White Mexicans who actually keep that country running, such as it is, get to keep their country and repopulate the entire land, thus serving as a ethno buffer state of Spaniards between us and the asiatic savages of Central America.

Only an ethnically cleansed Mexico will solve the problem. We must what the Spanish colonizers should have, but failed to do.


Like the job the illegal had for 25 years and was recently deported , any American would take that job !!!


What a strange bunch we see in the left , they refer to us as deplorables and f-ing ILLEGALS AS DREAMERS !


Would any of you complain about immigrants from Poland or Slovakia sending money home to help the family? Probably not. You all just don’t like the shade of brown that’s sending the money and for that you should be ashamed.


Still on those I’m With Her sound bites from 2016, eh. If people from Slovakia or Poland were pulling the same shit as these lazy and entitled acting illegals from south of the border then I would demand that they be deported too.


Hey, Firedupdem, It’s not about race. You Liberals always play the Race Card when you don’t have a point!!! Europeans and Asians have done more in America than all the Hispanic Illegals put together .
How many of them come here to work in the Dangerous coal mines like alot of Hungarians and Polish have done. You could count on one hand how many have in the mines in Pa,WV and Ky. Show me the numbers!!!
How many Asian families work or own liquor or convenience stores and are robbed, assaulted or killed by the POOR MISUNDERSTOOD Illegals!!!
There is a big difference in cultures between Europeans and Asians who have a Solid work ethic and Hispanic Illegals who live off the taxpayers.