Another domino falls at the White House


So a guy that the FBI said had a history of domestic violence, had had a TRO upon him for a time, still found a high position in the Trump White House, without security clearances yet access to classified material. :flushed::flushed::flushed:


That’s what background investigations are for. Sounds like the system worked.


Wow, you should be celebrating tonight.


If it worked he would have been gone long ago when the FBI gave their report to the White House.


Obviously the feminists and neocons/liberals are all over this. The Porter guy is a neocon - he’s friends with the Jared Kushner.

Anyways - this guy did a BIG mistake: He married feminists. Never marry or date a liberal/neocon white woman - unless you can transform her into a right-wing nationalist white woman.

White women must obey to their husbands, work in women jobs, take care of the household and children.

They have no place in politics or men’s jobs.

Those women obviously didn’t obey their husband - that’s why he got angry. Those feminist white women became like that because of far-left indoctrination.

Don’t blame the husband - blame the leftists, who are destroying white women and making them disrespect men.


Lol, what do you say about Hope Hicks, she’s the one shacked up with him now. Should she get out while she can? She helped right his defense too. :joy::joy:


The fact that more women aren’t walking around with black eyes is a testament to the heroic restraint of most men.


Men no longer have the ability to assert authority over their own homes, and that in a nutshell explains everything about the degenerate state of civilization today.


Is that your defense of Rob Porter, he had to resort to violence to hold control of his own home???


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Let’s see what Islam has to say about it.



She at least has a heads up on his temperament…


Do you even read your own source, illiterate bernie bot?

His troubles were not a complete secret at the White House: Two people close to the White House said that the allegations against him made by his former wives, Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby, had contributed to a delay in granting him a permanent security clearance.

And this is a big domino how? Hes literally just a paper pusher.


No, it didn’t work at all. The White House knew he had a history of domestic violence and a protective order against him and he couldn’t be given security clearance because of it. And he had the same access to classified material as John Kelly. And the White House had difficulty getting a story together. Of course all of you here would be pounding such a scandal we’re it to have occurred in the Obama White House, but lack the character and integrity to condemn it in the Trump White House. Another day of partisan excusing at


Well, maybe a bungle and maybe not. From your article Kelly may not have known the exact details of the abuse or the extent to which it existed as the security clearance apparatus in the FBI does not disclose those details. He was instead issued an interim security clearance but WAS NOT DENIED ONE BY THE FBI.

I personally held an interim clearance because some of my travels as a teenager could not be readily verified. I eventually got my clearance and continued doing the same job I was doing. Had the FBI found him to be an overt risk, they wouldn’t have approved any clearance. While we should certainly look at the behavior as an impingement on his character… I don’t think that it is quite the ‘SCANDAL’ that outfits like VOX is making it.

Whether he walked or got pushed is irrelevant… While the process might have been slow, the information was out in the public domain so he was no longer any kind of a blackmail risk…he is gone. By the way, I am relatively certain many of the people in and around the Obama WhiteHouse had dubious backgrounds… but that is yet to be discovered.


No surprise that such commentary would receive two likes on this board. Very trumpian, just like Rob Porter, who would still be handling classified information if his record of abuse had not been reported by the daily mail. So the hypocrites here want us to believe that the Daily Mail knew what the White House didn’t. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: There are no objective posters here.


17 dominoes have now fallen. OBVIOUSLY, this White House has a problem with vetting.


Clinton Transmitted Classified Information to Her Lawyers

The laws that make it a felony to transmit classified information to a person not authorized to have it apply whether the official transmits such information to the technician who services her private e-mail server or to her lawyers. Second, merely having a security clearance — even a top-secret security clearance — does not make a person an authorized recipient of all classified information.

That, by the way, is why federal law makes it a felony for people with security clearances to fail to report to the government their knowledge that classified information has been removed from its proper place of custody and has been transmitted or stored elsewhere without authorization. The FBI has revealed that fully 110 of Clinton’s e-mails were classified at the time they were sent or received — not just the eight top-secret (seven SAP) documents but, in addition, numerous documents classified as secret or confidential (as in “©,” the symbol about which Clinton preposterously claimed ignorance when it showed up in her e-mails).

Read more at:


That is most certainly inclusive of yourself…


Yet you defend the #metoo democrat accusers , you remain silent like all the flaky Hollywood elite that let this sexual abuse continue for 20 years , and sat with mouths taped shut . pitiful the lot of you ! shrug :roll_eyes: shrug