Another domino falls at the White House


What does that have to do with the wife beater and presidents secretary Rob Porter, hmm??


It’s your post ?
“So a guy that the FBI said had a history of domestic violence, had had a TRO upon him for a time, still found a high position in the Trump White House, without security clearances yet access to classified material.”

We had a secretary of state who was so out of touch she couldn’t even run a computer and was to lazy to read the news and disregarded her own offices polices on security .


And she’s gone, history. She’s not the one handling classified material now, shrug.


There is no PROOF that Mr. Porter ever receive read or touched classified data .
This is all smoke and mirrors to distract Americans from the colossal flop the democratic leadership has had in dealing with the President in rearguards to the tax cut the budget and DACA !


Good grief, what do you think security clearances are for. When you’re in the White House directing the flow of paper to the president’s desk, you’re handling classified information, thus the security clearance, in his case temporary, which just like Kushner, looks like it would/will be permanent.


Proof !
How many classified documents that came across the Presidents desk do you know were handled by Mr. Porter ! Yawn


Everything that came to the presidents desk was via Rob Porter. That was his job!!!


Ghan knew about the allegations a year ago, Kelly knew that Porter’s permanent security clearances were being held up do to his domestic violence history. Then Kelly defended him AFTER the world learned about it in the newspaper. Kelly needs to go, and he and Ghan may well.


Not everything that comes across the President’s desk is classified.


Haa…haa… So is Rob Porter… what’s your point?


Perhaps, if he was the overt threat to national security… perhaps the FBI needs to go too… They Gave Him The Clearance !!!


True of course. What’s your point?


Except for you of course. But you can’t even be sure that any classified material was ever accessed or handled by Porter but you make the claim, based on assumption, that it was. Very objective.


He was responsible for the flow of paper to the presidents desk. Do you understand what purpose security clearances serve, and that there are different types?


Yeah dude. I was an Intelligence Officer in the Navy. Do you understand that there are SCIFs in the WH?


And Rob Porter wasn’t one of them.


Wasn’t one of what? Explain.


Explain what, if you were an IO you know.

As staff secretary, Porter had one of the most important roles in the White House, filtering the information that reached Trump’s desk and serving as an enforcer for White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

In that role, he would have needed a security clearance to see classified information that is passed to the president.


It’s basic grammar. Either you were implying that Rob Porter was not a Naval Intelligence Officer or that Rob Porter was not a SCIF. Which was it? I want to ensure that I provide a thorough response.


Since he already knows Porter is not a Navy Officer my guess is he meant that Porter wasn’t a SCIF :rofl: