Another “ DREAM ACT “!


In a bipartisan move, two senators announced Thursday their intention to grant legal status to a group of undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, commonly referred to as “DREAMers.” Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Dick Durbin, D-Ill., introduced the legislation
.How many times do we look past those that break our laws ? Why should others wait years in line and follow the procedure only to see other skip the line and all is forgiving ? Arizona has offered free tuition to these illegals . Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus last week that he believed DACA is ILLEGAL !


Good luck getting that trash passed in the house and signed.

Nothing like a little media attention for the RINO Graham.

Perhaps a condition should be added that automatically deports the criminal parents and ensure that they are never allowed entrance into the US again.


I’ll bet the dems will support it and who knows how many RINO will too .


I don’t think it would be veto proof… but then again who could really tell if the president would sign it or not…


I think Trump maybe look favorably towards these dreamers and that would irritate most of his voters .


I don’t know that I didn’t have sympathy with children through no fault of their own ended up living in the US… it is the tag-a-longs like parents who used them as pawns… grandparents and cousins twice removed that bug me… This of course, plus the lack of enforcement that destroyed the 1986 amnesty and created the mess that we have today. People on the left are correct that we need ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform… but then again, some on the left really had no affinity with the enforcement aspects of the last immigration reform act…


Hence my comment:

Perhaps a condition should be added that automatically deports the criminal parents and ensure that they are never allowed entrance into the US again.


Why is there even a debate? They have no right to be here. They aren’t citizens. Time to go. If I was caught illegally in another country, I’m sure their citizens wouldn’t lift a finger to do anything about me getting tossed out!


Well… their is a pragmatic side to this debate… see… their are a LOT of people in the US who have forgotten the ‘old way’ … the ways of financial responsibility and family and children… now, it is about me… me… me… So… consequently when all of those Me… me… me’ers are to old to take care of themselves and they have no family to care about them… they need 1) someone to help them change their depends and 2) pay taxes so that they can continue with their social security checks… but mostly to help them change their depends… government will take care of all the other incidentals…


So very true. Personal responsibility a thing of the past and a footnote in the history of the US.


The problem is they are taking someone’s spot who followed our laws and WAITED in line . We get those that have very little skills , those that sway towards gangs and drugs , and those that depend on the taxpayer to provide .


You are 100% correct they are here ILLEGALLY and time for them to go .


There criminal parent are so deeply rooted in the democratic party and scamming the system it is nearly an impossible task at this point . How many liberal agencies protect them at ALL cost ??


Ah… but they are loyalists, good foot soldiers and the can be trained and molded to be ‘good’ citizens… The ones in the lines are to much like republicans … they don’t suit our purposes and are much harder to… train. How… to you call ‘taxpayer’ in progressive language?.. Ah… financier of the revolution…

I do understand your frustration and I can’t say that I ‘side’ with the ‘dreamers’, I just have some sympathy for their plight. A good many of them have graduated high school (for what that is worth in America today) and have college degrees… and some probably don’t even have a working knowledge of Spanish.


Ask your Senators to Oppose the Graham-Durbin DREAM Amnesty by sending a free, pre-written fax from Numbers USA:


Not so fast …
Nearly 38 million U.S. residents speak Spanish at home, a stunning increase over the 1980 number of 11 million, according to the U.S. Census.
On average, each illegal immigrant who attends a public institution will receive a tuition subsidy from taxpayers of nearly $6,800 for each year he or she attends, for total cost of $7.8 billion a year, not including other forms of financial assistance they may also receive.
According to the FBI, criminal gangs – in some regions comprised significantly of illegal aliens – are wreaking havoc in the U.S., with 65 jurisdictions nationwide reporting gang-related offenses committed with firearms account for at least 95 percent of crime in those areas.
The FBI further documented gangs in Southwestern border regions consisting of up to 80 percent illegal aliens were committing a multitude of crimes in America, “including drug-related crimes, weapons trafficking, alien smuggling, human trafficking, prostitution, extortion, robbery, auto theft, assault, homicide, racketeering, and money laundering.”


Most letters sent to Senators are read by their clerks and half the time a form letter is returned about a completely DIFFERENT subject matter and it takes at least 12 weeks for the BS .


But how can that be with only 11 million illegals in the country and most are visa overstays pr your government.


Old numbers 1980 type , now we have 23,000,000 and counting ! They sneak in by the thousands .


Actually the 11 million number was derived from the 2000 census. No one knows how many people reside in the US illegally however there are estimates beginning at the 11 million number upwards of 40 million.