Anyone Roll Their Own Cigarettes?


If you do, something to consider; if you roll your own, quality cigarettes become dirt cheap; and your inclined to smoke more. Just passing something on. Costs me $10.00 for 10 or 12 packs. If I buy the tobacco in bulk, it comes down to $.60 a pack.


I roll my own, mainly so I can line the cigarettes with a very little bit of marijuana for the taste, medicinal properties, and relaxing effect.


I did for years. Prince Albert tobacco makes a great cigarette.

I once knew a caretaker at Camp Ki-Y that had only one hand. His left was cut off at the wrist.

He could pull out a paper, a draw-string bag of tobacco, roll and light a cigarette before you could get out a paper.

He taught me how to roll a good cigarette when I was about 15…not too tight, not too loose…just right…and they were the same diameter along the entire length.

My friends used to love when I’d roll their joints for them.

For the last 25 years or so, I have been smoking Lucky Strike non-filters. The cost has gone up greatly over the years. They now cost me about $76 per carton.

I may switch back to rollin, my own. I hate those “put-out” bands that make the fire die if you don’t pull hard enough to get through them. They’re about an inch apart on almost all American made cigarettes.

You can see them if you waste one cigarette by wetting it. Wet two and you may learn that they’re not always in the same place. Some Luckies have only two, some have three.

Bob Marley papers have NONE!


I use Zig Zag tubes in the Top O Matic. A pack in 5 minutes.