Anyone still have T Mobile?


T-Mobile Little Ones Super Bowl Ad


Didn’t we have all that change with Obama ? We will be heard ? Really even at our college campuses ? When you hear change it is code for NOT WHITE , when you hear diversity it is code for NOT WHITE !


I never bothered with T-Mobile because I’ve heard that their service is utter shit. Maybe it’s improved but I’ll keep handing my money to Verizon. Don’t need their SJW virtue signaling and I can’t stand their CEO.


Airbnb also got into the social engineering act.


Yes,I have T Mobile and Very satisfied with them and the service is cost effective.Would not not change service.


Same. Saved me a ton of cash after switching from Verizon. It sucks they want to play this game but their cell service and customer service has been great.


We have to pre-historic plan from 2008 that they still honor still this day. We get 4 lines for ~100$, and includes unlimited text, call and some data. They kept coercing us to switch to T-mobil 1 every month for a whooping 160$ for … unlimited data and free netflix.

With that said, if youre going camping, make sure one of your friends has verizon. This is not a joke.


This was a beautiful ad that many Americans found to be powerful an honest. We are all the same and no one should be “removed” based on the color of their skin.


Right…they should be removed based on immigration status.


On a single plan phone there isn’t much of a difference between T-Mobile and Verizon. I used to be in on one of those old plans with my family but got tired of everyone complaining about who was hogging up all the data so I got my own plan with Verizon. I used to only get service near windows with T-Mobile now I get service in the far back room of the basement with Verizon. I carry data over too. I’ve got about 40GB stockpiled. I’m on the 2GB plan with unlimited talk and text for $35 a month but I actually get 6GB because Verizon constantly offers free data for promos.


We signed up for this plan back when smart phones were not a thing in the market (saved for blackberries and 1st gen iPhone?), and when I was delegated to the task of paying for the family 2 years back, I saw that this plan is entitled to some data now that smart phone is a “necessity”. We each get 2 Gb discreet 4G-LTE data, for $25 each line. I only really use it for GPS, otherwise I never run out. Not sure about the teens that cross the street with your face stuck to their phone tho, but Im sure the tide pods challenge will take care of that in time.

And I agree, coverage is shitty. Its another excuse for me to not accept call. Their customer service is otherwise 4/5 stars.


I’m probably one of those people with their face glued to the phone. I live in the middle of nowhere so it’s either reading on my phone or catching up with the locals to smoke some meth and try to bang the same 5 girls who live here. The phone is safer.


Even while being in a safe neighborhood, having the attention robbed away while being out and about can be disastrous. Especially when youre walking in a dark alley with your phone lighting up like a “ROB ME” neon sign, but Im sure you already know that.

And I stopped playing any augmented realities game like pokemon Go bc Maddam President told me that Russian hackers hack that too.


With all due respect. Please watch, and listen to the ad again. T Mobile is promoting the progressive agenda. This is why this type of advertising is so incidious. They use our base instinct to love babies to promote a Socialist utopia. Cradle to grave indoctrination.

T Mobile kiss my ass.