Apache Helicopter attacked a boat full of Somali migrants sailing toward Yemen


  • Yemen migrant boat attack killed 31, says UN

  • The UN has confirmed the deaths of refugees after reports that 31 Somalis were killed in a helicopter gunship strike on a migrant boat off Yemen.

  • A number of refugees were killed in the incident, some of whom were Somalis carrying UN documents, the United Nations refugee agency said.

  • At least 31 people died, news agencies reported, quoting officials in Hudaydah port.

  • Women and children were among the dead, port officials told AFP news agency.

  • The refugees were on their way from Yemen to Sudan when they were attacked by an Apache helicopter near the Bab al-Mandeb strait, coastguard Mohamed al-Alay told Reuters.

  • It was not clear who carried out the attack. The port is controlled by Houthi rebels who are fighting a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen’s two-year war.

It sounds like someone in the region who has Apache Helicopters at their disposal is sending a message to migrants fleeing Africa. They probably should have started doing this a few years ago.



The Italian Navy has been hanging out off their coast rescuing these idiots for years. The best thing to do is exactly what this helicopter crew did. Blow them out of the water in lawless territory surrounded by lawless countries. Attack the problem at the source, don’t enable it.


And I though my day couldn’t get any better. Let this happen a few more times and the flood of “Syrian Refugees” from Africa will stop real quick.


These are not refugees. They are a koranimal jihadi army. This is called “Hijra”. This means jihad by mass, uncontrolled immigration. Blow every boat out of the water, turn back every jihadi scum.