Apparently Secretary of State Kris Kobach didn't get the memo, there is no voter fraud


Yeah, more people voted in New Hampshire than who actually live in New Hampshire…but voter ID somehow is a bad thing.


Now that’s what I call great voter turnout.


Auh Oh… Say it ain’t so… first blue state to be looked at for voter fraud and voters casting votes in more than one state…

Dems think everything is going well for them but the farther along we go, the deeper in the muck they prove themselves to be… They just can’t catch a break but like a good hollywood actor, they have a smile plastered on their faces… but we know that their are big things ahead because, while it isn’t proven knowledge we know that behind the Obama administration are a lot of secrets yet to be uncovered…



Note the word… HUNDREDS… just how big a margin did Obama really win by?.. Of course against Romney a landslide was still possible…

Man… I am iching to do a Mueller style probe in California… I’m thinking that Hillary looses the popular vote in that state alone… Now that would be a kick in the progressive, liberal, SJW ass…


Still more evidence of voter fraud and the same resistance and obfuscation of this problem by the left. I think that despite the claim of voter suppression, the left is genuinely concerned that their ‘base’ would collapse without, shall we say,… ‘Padding the vote’.


There is no for fraud unless you look for it.

Come to Colorado where we have 100% mail in ballots, same day registration, motor voter. No voter fraud here, ROTFLMAO.


Seems that left will stick to a mantra that works for their agenda… until it no longer serves a perpose, they they throw it under the bus. So, are they ready and willing to throw their votes behind checking the presidential vote in 2016?.. Nah, probably not…:wink:

The local NAACP chapter claims that a substantial amount of registered voters who cast ballots came from outside of the district and that those individuals used a commercial address as their residential, or voting, address.

Now where in the world have we heard that before…

I threw in the first video of paid political operatives used to incite violence… just as a reminder.


And all this time I thought they wanted no one disenfranchised.

Silly me.


Back to that old canard about the non existence of voter fraud…

With the newly released evendence of so many ‘borrowing’ the identity of others with social security numbers… we just have to wonder… by what margin did Donald Trump actually win the election…:joy:


Dumb me, I guess the issue of voter fraud is actually racism towards minority voters to keep them out of the election process.
How stupid of me to think that motor voter registration will benefit voting. I must be dumb enough to be against giving driver licenses to people that won’t have insurance and can’t handle anything more than an ox or donkey cart.


What’s gotten into you.

We have motor voter registration and we also have mail in ballots for over 90% of people. You can also same day register in person or by mail.

What could possibly go wrong???