Apple Devices and the Telugu Bug జ్ఞా


While many bugs are relatively benign, often getting patched before the user knows anything is wrong, the latest plague to hit Apple devices is already wreaking havoc on internet.

The issue, which has become known as the Telugu bug, gives people the ability to crash a wide range of iPhone, Mac, and iPad apps just by sending a single character from the third most spoken language in India.

To help address the situation, Apple says its already working on a patch that will fix the bug, which should arrive in the form of an intermediary update before iOS 11.3 (which is currently in beta) gets officially released.

However, in the meantime, some more mean-spirited users have taken to using the Telugu symbol to “bomb” other peoples devices. Motherboard has reported that by adding the symbol to a user’s Twitter name, you can crash the iOS Twitter app simply by liking someone’s tweet. And while it’s possible to address the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the Twitter app, there’s not much stopping the same person from liking another tweet and causing the app to go haywire again.

Others have gotten even more devious, such as a security researcher who added the symbol to his Uber handle, which would crash the app anytime a driver with an iPhone tried to pick them up. And then there’s Darren Martyn, who posted a video on Twitter where he crashes people’s Mac networking app after he added the Telugu symbol to the name of a Wi-Fi network.

While this might sound like people are just using the bug to have a bit of fun, it’s still pretty shocking to see how a seemingly innocuous bug is having such a big effect on the millions of people with Apple devices. It’s a good thing Apple recently decided to delay new features in iOS 12 to concentrate fixing bugs in iOS. Though at this point, you have to wonder if that decision hasn’t come a bit too late.

These are the separate characters:
Plain Text: జ ఞ
Bold Text: జ ఞ

జ ఞ

These are the characters stacked:

Plain Text: జ్ఞా

Bold Text: జ్ఞా

If anyone wants to use them please do so with caution. They can destroy the iPhone or iPad of anyone who receives them. I’m posting this in case people are interested in testing.


Doesn’t Apple import nothing but cheap Indian labor? They should have had this bug fixed already. Also, Apple is racist for not being inclusive of this multicultural and diverse language.


These companies don’t want good engineers except a few who’s results are buried deep inside a “team effort”.

I know about this first hand. It’s not a theory. Just imagine you’re Zuck and Facebook is created and maintained by only a handful of talented engineers. Keep in mind there’s billions involved here.

So we have tech companies that are intentionally fluffed with parasites. Is it a wonder they become cesspools of left bulllshit?

I hope this destroys enough Apple equipment so their stock takes a dip and I can pick some up.


I think the bug is generated when it is displayed like this:

Text needed to copy - జ్ఞా


I think that’s correct. I’ll edit my post. Good catch. It wasn’t easy to format as a non-speaker.


If this symbol causes a problem then why the hell are you posting it? I’m on my damn iPhone is this going to break now?!?!


I have read the article and it only mentions the apps containing the characters crashing. No mention of permanent dmg, but if there is, Apple owes you a new phone <3


No. This isn’t like a normal website. It’s an application. The text is being displayed in the application itself. I tested on my iPad before posting. It’s perfectly safe. Just don’t post it any native Apple app and send it around.


జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా

జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా

జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా


You need spaces for translations. I was messing with it earlier.