Apple's iOS 12 update introduces feature to give users a 'trust score' by tracking their calls and emails, to fight "fraud"

Welcome to the future. Purchase your own surveillance devices and repeat after Big Brother: “I am free”.

Apple will start collecting an ‘abstracted summary’ of your phone calls and emails in an attempt to fight fraud.

The iPhone maker released an updated version of its iTunes privacy policy this week, which includes a provision that says it will now assign a ‘trust score’ to users’ devices.

The new provision applies to both iOS and tvOS devices, according to VentureBeat, which first spotted the change.

The provision says: 'To help identify and prevent fraud, information about how you use your device, including the approximate number of phone calls or emails you send and receive, will be used to compute a device trust score when you attempt a purchase.

‘The submissions are designed so Apple cannot learn the real values on your device. The scores are stored for a fixed time on our servers,’ it continues.

A key detail in the provision notes that Apple won’t examine the contents of calls or emails, but will only collect an ‘abstract summary’ of the data.

It also won’t sit on Apple’s servers forever.

Still, the provision has attracted attention over the mere suggestion of Apple tracking users’ phone calls and emails.

While I understand their intention is to fight fraud, this is still pretty disturbing. And if hacked, if the data gets into the wrong hands, it could mean trouble- especially in the case of identity theft.

Then again, the Patriot Act that Bush signed, it already does track calls, texts, etc. for potential threats; so it’s not like this is something new.

We’re headed for troubled times, indeed.

I believe China’s government is doing something similar, but more invasive. The “trust” review system, that tracks what you buy and a myriad of other things. However, I suppose there is little difference in selfish politicians knowing what your activity is, and selfish CEOs knowing what your activity is. It’s still individuals invading your privacy, with the possibility of it being used against you later on.

China has adopted social credit score. The higher your score, greater freedoms you get to enjoy.

Something I’m sure libs want to adopt here.


I have not nor will I ever knowingly own or use Apple hardware.

This is why I stay clear of apple and all of their left-wing bullshit. I know Google phones Android and they really aren’t any better, well at least I get a higher degree of control over my Android device.


You can always use encrypted emails (protonmail, for example), and encrypted message apps as well, such as Signal.

I personally don’t care about Google accessing my data. If they are going to make the products that I use work for me better, based on my preferences and habits, then so be it.

In this case though with Apple…yeah that sucks.