Are Spanish people native to America if not why do we have sooo many unskilled poor Spanish people here?

I’m driving my bike through Boston where it used to be 99% White now it’s run down with poor Spanish people… like wtf happen?

If your not from here why are there so many that add no value?

And take?

And thanks to the ones that add merit.

I think you mean Hispanic and Latino…:wink:

Lol yes thanks …

English isn’t native to the Americas either.


Why are you riding your bike when you should be working. You wouldn’t happen to be one of those Republicans who bash public assistance with one hand and take it with the other…would you?

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OMG, that’s very funny. :ghost:

What language is a constitution written in?

Why would you ride a bike in a Hispanic area and risk getting beaten and the bike stolen ???
I guess you could say PRS are native since Congress granted them citizenship in 1917 with the Jones-Shafroth Act. This act gave them "Statutory Citizenship not 14th Amendment citizenship.
However, since 1948,Congress decided that PRs born either in the U.S. or PR were “natural born citizens” .
Since they breed like mice , they could be considered native to America .:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::fu:t6::up:

Why are they so poor did we make them poor?

Working low wage jobs and multiplying like mice and rabbits , "qualifies " them for all types of TAXPAYER assistance especially if they aren’t married. With government cooperation, they have created an social industry.
Before I moved from my neighborhood, a Dominican couple that are both "Disabled " with two Autistic children and receive taxpayer money for them ,moved from a "low income " housing project, into an $90,000 3 bedroom semi-detached home.
I guess being able to exploit the system with inside help is being "native " to America. Just like Don King said, Only in America !!!:-1:t6::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::fu:t6:

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But why are we letting it grow, this country needs a massive 24 hour milita. Any time nazis Democrats want to battle we take them out. We invade any town full of these things and eliminate them

They should make a video game of that…:laughing:

I assume this is a case of white flight. It is only after the wealthy whites start leaving an area can poorer people afford to move into it. Happened to our historical district when all the old victorians started getting chopped up into apartments. There is some effort to reclaim them, but the preservation regulations make it hard and really expensive to modernize those things and if you don’t you could be looking at $3K+ utility bills every month in winter.

Two or three kids is breeding like mice?

Having walked through my share of the Hispanic neighborhoods, including East Boston & Worcester, no one ever bothered ne in either of those places.

I think perhaps the immigration forum isn’t for me.

jkm, that is a small family, as a group Hispanics breed like mice and rabbits
I hope you had a parkimg space for your car . In my old neighborhood, there was practically one car for each person in the household.and wouldn’t think twice about taking a parking space from a neighbor thst is pregnant .
I’m in heaven since I moved because I don’t have to hear their awful music , loud arguments and swearing. Recently, in the alley behind my old house. There was a shooting over a parking space. How Intelligent!!!
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I guess we’re not going to see eye to eye. Most Puerto Ricans, Colombians, Cubans had pretty reasonably sized families. I didn’t possess a vehicle when I lived in East Boston, but took the train.

Most Latinos did as well. They weren’t like many of the local whites, who felt entitled to a car even though they were in dire financial straits or had numerous OVI convictions.

They offered everything to me from their Shaws Cards at the grocery store to their seats on the train. I’d rather deal with my Latino neighbors here than elderly white women in particular.

The various immigrants aren’t having a cow over some poor soul not getting their laundry out the minute the machine stops spinning, or about kids playing during what aren’t quiet hours.

And yes, a shooting over a parking dispute is moronic, but I like their music & feel alive in neighboring Worcester, with it blaring out the windows while a lively variety of people comes & goes from the main library.

Hunnie poor people live In these communities, with roots. Your rich white liberal but moves from
Town to town, many don’t have that option and would like the peace and quiet where you live… they can’t escape like you can… us poor people are not here for your enjoyment… we aren’t zoo animals you can just visit

My “rich white liberal butt”?

I’m nowhere near rich, but don’t qualify as poor, either, & am conservative on all but a few issues.

Stormfront is missing a few members.

These are people that I came in daily contact with. The stereotypical Hispanic. The ones you dont see are too busy working to provide for their families. You want to see a THIRD WORLD CITY, come here to Reading Pa. A once proud city of ETHNIC NEIGHBORHOODS now looks like a city in Honduras or El Salvador. I’m not against all Hispanics, only the ones that want to run ROUGHSHOD over everyone and feel that they can do ANYTHING they want. But I still can’t STAND their " music".
How many PRs do you think know how they became U.S Citizens ???

So you just pop in and out of poor neighborhoods to hear the loud noise? You lived in Revere east Boston and Worcester ?