Are YOU an NPC? An opportunity for self-discovery!


THis is a TEST for both Conservatives and Liberals Present in these forums.

All that is required to pass is for you to honestly state one position or policy OF THE PARTY YOU SUPPORT
that you do NOT agree with, and WHY. I know a lot of Conservatives here have already directed appropriate criticism of our elected officials but for the sake of the Test Please re-post here, in brevity .

I’m anxious to see how aware our Liberal friends are.


I don’t think you will get a lot of bites to this thread… It is way too easy to point fingers but introspection is not a regular human trait in politics.

The have a lot of opinions about the US Constitution that is negative… Its old and out of date and Its a living constitution are at the top of the list. The right however universally defend the constitution as theirs. The right is the defender of every single article and amendment… or so they say.

To me, much of the division between the philosophies of the left and right and indeed the internal division amongst those on the right come from unsettled understanding of the constitution. It either says that the federal government can or it says that the federal government can’t. A law might have defined exceptions but should never be ambiguous and the Constitution as some have forgotten is the supreme law of the land. There is a clear discrepancy between the right and left over… for instance… Entitlements. The right continually says that this is not a function of federal government but for some reason… perhaps out of strategic necessity, the right… the Republican right… the Conservative right… the Christian right will not directly challenge the many years and times that these boundaries have been crossed. Of course the right itself has attempted to userp the sovereign individual in an attempt to dictate in law the moral and ethical codes and customs of the nation… Perhaps the right secretly isn’t a particular supporter of the constitution either.

I say all of this as someone who thinks the constitution is an amazing document will realizing that we live in a society that has usurped and ignored and too broadly interpreted it so as to create the society and laws we have now… Quite a few eggs will need to be broken if we are to ever get back to original intent and then start using Article V as it was intended.


All I’m trying to say here is if you find yourself supporting every aspect of a given party’s policy, procedure and legislation (or lack of it) “in universum” then you might be an NPC.


I understand that and as a ‘party’ we supposedly support and defend the constitution… and we don’t… so no, I do not support every aspect of what republicans do and say. I do not support every spurious war in the name of a ‘Good Offense is a Good Defense’… will waving the Constitution saying that ‘Defense’ is the federal governments primary responsibility. I do not support the continued support of social programs like… oh… Medicare part D which again is constitutionally dubious because at the end of the day, support for part D… is support for Medicare, Medicaid and a whole host of programs that do not appear to be authorized by the US Constitution…

So I guess without long winded explanations all you were looking for was the answer … Yes or No? … No.


It was apparent to me early on that you have a healthy criticism of both/ all sides. + Not an NPC> what I was looking for was one example but I don’t think you necessarily ascribe to one party or the other. Independent perhaps. Either way, a thinker. kudos and thank you!


Like I said… you aren’t likely to get many honest takers to this thread… Which is a bad thing …


Going to edit title - stand by…there LOL it’s just as bad

I’ve already seen plenty from people like you and most of the conservatives here. This was a thinly veiled challenge for Liberals here to prove they aren’t NPCs…it would only gain them some respect , from me anyway


While I think punitive tarrifs have their place I think Trump has gone too far and too fast with his particularly with China.

The threats did some good early on particularly in bringing Europe back to a more level playing field but I think he misjudged the Chinese and badly so.

They need our soybeans worse than we need most of what they produce but he didn’t consider that China would be willing to see hundreds of millions of their own people suffer or even starve to death than to give up their trade advantage.

About the only way we would actually force them to make any serious concessions would be to cut off all Chinese imports period except those critical to our economy or defense.


China has a problem… it is exactly those hundreds of millions of people. While our relationship with China is in many ways symbiotic, as we are clearly addicted to ‘stuff’, China has far more to loose in the long run. It still does not have a self sustaining middle class and president for life Xi knows full well that without a healthy trade with the US, his economy will not keep him in office and sense he was just voted to be pres for life that only means that he would be deposed violently… China’s markets are still quite vulnerable and as a matter of fact, if the people of the US came to their senses, down sized and quit buying Chinese junk, China 30 year growth spurt would come to an end. I guarantee if we do not put china in their place now… we will have to attempt to do it later when they are much better positioned to tell us to FTFU…


China would rather see hundreds of millions of their own people dead and/or suffering than to have a middle class develop.

A thriving middle class wold eventually lead to the downfall of the Communist regime and they know it which is why they have rolled back so many of the reforms that were enabling one to begin and grow.

Long term thinking in the US is limited to months, years, maybe even a decade or more but the Chines think in terms of centuries and millenia.

On our best days we’re playing small ball while they are playing for the long game.

We’re so addicted to Chinese manufacturing they know they can win the long game with us with ease.

Xi is in no danger, he’s made himelf president for life and purged the party of his competitors or anyone who could threaten him.

There can also be no mass armed uprising to kick him out since he controls all the guns and evryone with access to them.


We if course will have to agree to disagree but even if I conceed the fact that they plan in ‘centruries or millenia’… it would seem that they could only pull themselves out of being the cave dwelling backwater with a very recent injection of US wealth and technology…

As of the OP’s subject… is tariffs the only thing that separate you from being a straight ticket republican?


Here are a few of mine as someone on the right. Marijuana legalization and the death penalty. Government has no business telling free people they can’t smoke a mild intoxicant and they damn sure can’t be trusted with the power of life and death over American citizens either.


Of course that is the failure of the right to understand precisely what ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ is all about. The grandest fault of the right is that they want to impress their personal convictions in to law… not unlike ‘hate’ speech…

While I think the state via due process, if we the people give them a collective consent, has the right to deal with truly bad actors appropriately… the problem is, they have a VERY flawed process… one that rewards bad prosecutor for ‘wins’ rather than insuring that a beyond a shadow of a doubt guilty person goes to jail.


Oh yeah and their new found desire to protect pre-existing conditions. That’s not insurance, it’s charity,


It looks more and more to me like their only real objection to the ACA is which party passed it.


Coming to a government funded preexisting condition clinic near you…


I know leftists hate the NPC meme, but I also think the blind unquestioning of Trump is also an NPC trait. Every politician should be questioned and held accountable.


i could never be “friends” w/ a lib… impossible

maybe if abortion were not legal, I could b friends w/ a lib but…

anyhow… no idea what a NPC is so guess I’ll mosey along


I’ve paid MORE than my fair share in taxes and premiums since my first paycheck at 15., I deserve coverage of anything that could kill me. That’s not charity when it’s my own money. The charity is 2 adults paying $1700 a month when it used to be $800 for us. We are paying for CHILDREN that we chose not have because of overpopulation. That’s involuntary ‘charity’ I am being forced to pay when I’d rather fund cancer research with my extra $$ like we used to…


Sorry, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the immortality pill… should it become available won’t be available on your government procured plan… and if you eat meat, ‘we’ will charge you for the abuse you do to ‘our’ system… and by the way, ‘we’ really don’t intend to make cost our priority… if we did, we would force hospitals into a competitive price structure that is in line with the antitrust laws applicable to every other business…