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i dont really get this but if you are saying we are over populated… that is extremely illogical

we have had abortion 45 yrs
birth control longer than that
women postponing having children (families postponing, I should say)
vasectomies and etc…

We are BELOW zero population growth and so is every European country that I can think of…

we are not even replacing ourselves…


I think his over populated comment came from a global perspective… I think that he is right and between USAID programs we have done a good job of creating conditions for children where none existed before…


how so? by killing them in the womb?

sorry, but some do-gooders think we can fix poverty by killing the poor (their children) in 3rd world countries… I believe Trump re-instated the Mexico Policy… which I believe cuts off US $$$ from going for that kind of thing


Some interesting point here…but I knew it was going to come back to abortion.

One that I’m at odds with many of my conservative friends. I understand there passion thou. But the thought of having goverment the ultimate say/control over ones bodies is frighting prospect.


No… that was in the west… At the same time we were ‘saving the world’ by passing out high caloric junk food… enough to get a mans machismo back… if you know what I mean…


that is ironic

if women had control over their bodies, t hey wouldn’t be crying for abortion 9 months later.

we need to teach our young girls to STAY a VIRGIN… won’t kill ya… and we need to teach them what a HUGE job it is to take care of a child, esp when you are still young and want to be free and be w/ your friends and etc… get an education, etc…

raising a child is the biggest job one will ever have and we need to teach our children this…

i heard of a program in some state where teens were given a doll-like thing… but it was heavy like a bag of sand or whatever… and the teen had to carry that with her all day long and i think every now and then the doll cried and etc… sounds like a good idea, tuaght them what a great “interference” a child can be when you are not ready to have one… but i only heard about it in that one school (state).


I am currently eating PALEO. Hand’s OFF my MEAT! If I need to hunt more, so be it.


I’ve heard of infant simulator.

It’s not a bad idea.


If I don’t have my prime rib somebody is going to get hurt.


Oh yeah, best way to curb climate change too. We could stop burning fossil fuels tomorrow and meat consumption will still drive climate change. Only way to stave it off is global poverty and everyone going vegan, we can maybe eat some insects with our veggies.


It’s not 1930, you don’t have to stay a virgin to avoid pregnancy. Modern birth control is very effective.


They played the US for a fool with First Nation Trade Status negotiations and in less than 3 decades will go from one of the world’s smallest per captia economies to the world’s largest economy by doing so.

You should spend some time reading up on Chinese Philosphy, Strategy, and Tactics.

What retarded their post WWII development had nothing to do with short therm thinking it had everything to do with communism.

Once they started rolling back some of the major restrictions imposed by Mao the economy lit up like a house fire.

They are less than a decade away now from becoming the world’s largest economy and manufacturer.

This will fund their ability to become the world’s largest and most poerful superpower as the century rolls on.

Once they reach that point, the dominance of the USD will be over and our economy is going to crater as foreign invest ment craters due to a lack of faith in our fiat currency.


The only method of birth control that is 100% effective is abstinence.


You make more comments about what we did wrong rather than what China did right. No doubt that they changed their philosophy and in their own way embraced a very corrupt version of capitalism and between US capitulation in trade deals to the hooked on stuff consumer driven, “go out and shop” admonishments by our own government, with the added bonus of a Federal government that won’t put down a credit card… We created China’s economy. Now they may have looked at the US as suckers and played us against our own worst habits but it is we who created the Chinese economy. We continue to trade with them… our own businesses sell out technology to them that they then use to keep the population in the dark… prison labor, child labor and the worlds largest government controlled sweat shop is what keeps them competitive.

I worked in various locations for several months in China just 4 months after Tienanmen Square. Every computer had bootlegged software, every state store had western knockoffs, the country was working towards food self sufficiency by using all the city generated human waste to fertilize the fields. On one of my jobs I was expecting a crane to lift a 6 meter satellite dish in place on a 20’ pedestal… They brought 100’s of locals followed by armed ‘supervisors’ to do the work… as they told me, when you don’t have money to build your country you use your people(emphasis on the ‘use’). If you mean that they have a philosophy that they can’t beg, borrow or steal what it takes to be a superpower… you are right. If you mean that they have no problem using prison or child labor to build Xi’s superpower, you are right… but the bottom line is that every think you buy that was made in China is what is actually building China and every time we pass these unaffordable ‘omnibus’ spending packages, we build china and every time we allow a Chinese spy to walk out of the country we technology we created… we build China. Yes, you are right, if we don’t get a grip on our consumerism, start thinking about our own national interest with respect to manufacturing and bring some patriotism back to our own country China is the default next world superpower…


I’m down with toasted insects. Good enough for the Army Rangers it’s good enough for me.


Live maggots?.. chocked full of protein and they stimulate the digestive system if you don’t chew well enough…


you’re an idiot to eat live maggots raw unless you farm them yourself. Microbes son, microbes. If you’re a butch Marine it’ll only give you the hershey squirts for a couple of days, and that’s a dehydration threat. If you’re weak, you’ll die from any number of microbes associated with carrion, (dead flesh)


Obviously you couldn’t see the sarcasm dripping from my comment … however, saying that, I watched a DI put a hand full in his mouth and I watched another bite the head off a chicken… I guess that was several years ago when men were men…:wink:


LOL G1. Do you know anything about the first Vietnam Soldiers VS Nam Pla - a traditional condiment? IT’s a good one.


Maybe not 100% but very close to it.


Thanks to the laws of probability, using two contraceptive methods at the same time boosts their effectiveness. Remember, if two events A and B are independent, the probability of both occurring is P(A and B) = P(A) x P(B). If you use both a condom and the pill they work independently, because if one method fails it has no impact on the other. That means the failure rate of the combined condom and pill method is the product of their separate failure rates. For perfect use of the male condom and pill, that’s 0.02 x 0.003 = 0.00006, or 0.006%. In other words, the combined method is over 99.99% effective when used perfectly.