Are you going to have a lovely Thanksgiving.. or debate-hell?


I have no idea what kind of thanksgiving I would have were I to go visit “family.”

I refuse to attempt such insanity

the only thing I agree with my family on is politics (assuming they are all still Rs and I do assume that) Anything else… forget it

But anyway, I was curious about normal folks, you know… people who don’t hate each other so much as to… make them not want to show up even for holidays… lol… (but not so funny sometimes)

I think it would be interesting to be at a dinner where half the family is D and half R… I would probably just LOVE that… the food wouldn’t even have to be the best…

then again… I am not talking about Ds like… Toxine Waters and all the wild ones who actually take her words to heart… no, just everyday Dems… (assuming there is such anymore?)


Political discussion ended in my family a long time ago. We leave that alone and mostly talk about important things like pies and the dog show on thanksgiving. I dearly love the liberal members of my extended and close family, they are for the most part well intentioned lovely people who just want to help others. They are just wrong about how that should be done. They aren’t evil libs, they are caring people who think the government should function like a charity.


I probably spend the holiday alone because of possible family harassment about the election. They attempt to upset me by asking intentionally inane questions especially my so called " born again " ultra - conservative youngest brother.


God only knows.

I’d like to spend Thanksgiving at home because the MIL if the friend we eat with uses occasional get togethers to spew her idiotic rants about everything from how she doesn’t like Chinese, to how supposedly the wealthy don’t help the poor.

One individual used a Sunday afternoon get together to seriously ask “Why are all of these white American families adopting all of these Asian girls?”

And this is in a progressive state supposedly full of diversity, :two_hearts:, and tolerance. I’d rather stay home.


If you spent more time with your families, you would have things to talk about other than politics. You could, for instance, sit there while people talk about every possible bow to hunt with and every part thereof, or muzzle loaders, or all sorts of things.


I thought about roast goose; but they are really expensive. I may poach one. I know where some ( domestic ) geese run free. Gotta be 3 or 4 dozen; so one won’t be missed. Thanksgiving - holidays with the family? I’d rather have sex with Hitler. Last time I had dinner with the wife’s family, the house became a Belleview satelite. It was like a soccer match. Thank God I still drank. I was zoned out by the third bottle of wine.


Daughter has been partially indoctrinated into progressive liberalism. It is OK because she probably could not survive in her chosen career in education as a conservative. So we limit our political discussion… but we have had somewhat civil conversations about politics. She says her piece. I say mine.


I love annoying some of my liberal leftist family during Thanksgiving and I give it to them

I declare a safe space to eat at the table.

I tell them Im entitled to a bigger piece of the pumpkin pie and Im entitled to have apple pie as we need diversity

I rarely clean up because I tell them it triggers oppressive memories from my childhood and Im protesting on behalf of my african american friends who were oppressed for generations and Native americans who were oppressed by the Europeans

And sitting in front of the TV is a my sanctuary space .


yes, you describe well what I had in mind re the kind of people I’d want to have dinner with… but you know… after posting that, i got to thinking

What the heck was I thinking? I would like to be at that kind of dinner? I really don’t think i would… unless both sides were … um… civilized… Now, true, Rs are usually civilized more/ less but then… I’ve heard some really crass stuff here from Trumpers and others so… yeh, I like to be with civilized folks myself