Armed Anarchists Demonstrate at the Arizona Capitol


I don’t care that these idiots decided to show up armed. What I do care about is that they decided to show up armed while wearing masks. They should have been instructed by law enforcement to remove their masks for public safety purposes.


Not every state or municipality has anti-malware laws. Many do, but they don’t get enforced. Look at the ANTIFA riots during the inauguration. DC is supposed to have one of the strictest anti-mask laws in the country…no one got arrested for breaking that law and they were allowed to form up in mobs.


Here is the video the journalist in the article mentions.

I agree with you @Citizen it’s fine to open carry but concealment of the face should result in immediate intervention by law enforcement.

Seems like we are getting our own little Hezbollah to deal with.


Maybe Trump supporters should start showing up wearing masks and open carrying. I think I know who the police would bother first.


The New Brown Shirts.


You see that guys gut… hell, half of his vital organs are hanging over his belt…

Well… withdrawing your picture makes this post rather redundant wouldn’t you say???


I’ve never seen a group of people look less intimidating with guns in my entire life.


An interesting group of people. America today. Indivisible, Occupy, ACORN.


They literally wore brown shirts. You can’t make this shit up.


I know I shouldn’t say it but what needs to happen here is hospitalization. Let the word get out that real AMERICANS aren’t going to be intimidated by a bunch of Communist wannabe twerps and stepping up to real AMERICANS will get you an express ride for an extended stay at a hospital. Then maybe these filthy little rats will learn to mind their manners and not show up with guns and masks pretending to be terrorists.

Also, this is what happens when you do not discipline your children appropriately. They grow up to think that no one will slap them down. Reality check time.