Armed teacher fires gun in school


So much for arming teachers. :joy::joy::joy:


No doubt it will come to light that he is some BAMN lefty that created a threat to make a point. I do however think that sometimes tensions can run high in todays school environment and having an teacher in school with an authorized firearm at hand is a recipe…


No doubt one of Bernie’s guys . :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Let’s go through the timeline:

  • Muh Russia narrative falls apart.
  • This signals Team Trump’s switch from defense to offense.
  • Just in the nick of time we are delivered a school shooting incident, full of gaping plot holes and obvious crisis actors.
  • Oh! Now we have to go over gun rights again, goyim!
  • Trump suggests arming teachers.
  • Incident with armed teacher in classroom.
  • Meanwhile, people are not buying the official narrative, casting around the interwebs for alternative explanations to the extent that YouTube have to SHUT IT DOWN and people start arming themselves.
  • Presumably, the MSM will quietly forget about this, as they did with Vegas.
  • ???


You believe this conspiracy?


Do you not believe that a determined group of individuals could conspire, overtly or covertly to change policy… or history… or make a point?


Dalton suffered a huge influx of :taco: when the local textile mills imported them to lower wages. Imagine being a ‘social studies’ teacher puking out anti-White history to a bunch of vacant-eyed mestizos.

No wonder he went off his rocker.


Trump calls out the cops for not doing their job and wants to arm qualified teachers. America generally agrees with Trump’s stance and turns against the MSM narrative. A few days later a teacher with a gun shoots one round (probably into a clearing barrel) and now the MSM is hammering Trump. I’m sure it’s all a coincidence.