Artwork on the Forums


Hello, newbie here. Thanks to whoever created and moderates this place. There’s such a lack of ALL CAP entries here that I feel like we’re in church or a library. I really like that. Too soon for me to have any take on the place until I read more. But it already feels civil and intelligent. Read the rules, agree with them. MY only question is about artwork.

Can I occasionally post a copy of one of my pieces (I do 3-D modeling and Illustration as a hobby- not a pro or a business) in a new post. here’s an old scene I rendered:

If not feel free to delete this. If it IS okay…How many Artists do we have? Are you doing any political work? (not memes) Post anything you’d like to share here on this Thread.


Thanks for the kind words! Yes, please feel free to share your artwork. If you personally make anything else you are also welcome to share that. Others may be interested and want to learn more.



What took you so long that post has been up for at least 22 seconds!! Thank you Patriot! Here’s one for Patriots: I made it during the liberation of Kuwait.