At last Tariffs On E.U., Canada, and Mexico


Ford and GM both say that they use primarily US-made steel for automobiles produced in the United States.

Need a link for that? Wait you don’t as you never provide links.


Well the Chamber of Commerce says we’ll lose 2.6 million jobs over it. THINK


When has the Chamber of Commerce cared anything about working Americans or American jobs for that matter ?
They are stogies for the oligarchy .


80% of jobs related to steel are using it, not producing it, shrug.


100% of the jobs making steel are making steel !!!


And, what does that have to do with what I said?


It seem as relevant as anything else .


Trump, as former SOS poignantly declared, is a fvcking moron.

Trump’s bizarre decision to further wage war with some of the U.S.’ closest allies (Canada!) has left our longtime partners stunned and angry. Meanwhile, America’s real trade foes, such as China, stand poised to benefit from Trump’s reckless policies.


What is really sick is the fact that the left is standing up for what they call our allies in this one way free trade deal !


I hate to break it to you but democrats are not the only ones who have considered Canada and the EU our allies. :roll_eyes:


Let me get this strait , you want America a American President to allow your allies to put millions of working Americans out of work !
Explain why it is in Americas best interest to have a $163 billion trade deficit with millions of Americans unemployed .


No, that’s not what I’ve suggested. But maybe the upside is that they’ll be less likely to support us in our wasteful, gratuitous wars after fvcking them over.


Just what are you suggesting ?
The last time America fought a war defending America was ?
America and it’s working citizens have paid the butchers bill to keep democracy as a viable option for freedom seeking people around the world .


Clearly that the upside to our pissed off allies would be that they may be less likely to follow us into and support our folly in endless gratuitous war. Not that it would necessarily offset the the harm done.


Folly the first world war the second , world war , the Korean conflict , Vietnam , the first gulf war , the Afghanistan war , ?
You socialist democrats would be happy as pigs in shit living under a communist / socialist / fascist rule .
Free men will always fight against tyranny .


Yes, folly. And this is changing. Starting with China and Russia backing us down in Syria.


I personally don’t think they backed us down. Trump stated he was after ISIS and has defended US and US backed troops on a couple of ‘incident’ creating events, one of which killed a number of Russians (who were not their). I believe that Trump wants out of these conflicts but the people who push and pull presidents don’t. The reaction to trumps offhanded comment about one day pulling US troops out of Korea was telling…


Yes it may be time to start thinking about reducing our troop strength around the globe and concentrate our troop strength at home ?
Where they may be needed to put down the resistance / democratic socialist tantrum after the mid terms any when President Trump win his second election !


We could certainly redeploy all troops returning home on the border.

Close the border, live ammunition to protect themselves. Ending the cartels free zones.


Awesome, let’s get after it. Carter was excoriated by the right for suggesting the same, including drawing down or removing our South Korean deployment. But I’m sure the Trumper will celebrate it if it’s suggested by the TIC.