At last Tariffs On E.U., Canada, and Mexico


Come on… their isn’t a war that we have gotten into that the left wasn’t for it before it was against it… Its kind of like the right is the protector of big business and yet the left, Silicon Valley and the Chamber of Commerce are in lockstep…


Exactly look what the progressives / socialist democrat’s did to the troops from the Vietnam era ?
Collage men to cowardly to serve the nation rioted egged on by their socialist teachers !


Our vets have never been cared for properly, but the patronizing has come to be expected.


China floods Mexico/Canada with cheap steel & inferior aluminum. Our so-called “friends” want to send it to the United States for huge profits and don’t care about quality. In the meantime, our U.S. steel and aluminum industries can’t compete and the American worker is let go. Try reality some time.


If you think we have trade treaties that are deficient, send a SOS managed delegation to Canada (or wherever else) to renegotiate like an adult, and keep the fat ass TIC and his insulting sophomoric twitter diplomacy in the Lou.


Childish name calling again .
How about some facts for a change ?


LOL Shareblue media- that’s a hoot. There wasn’t a story on Daily Kos? Shareblue is about as even handed and honest as Alex Jones on mushrooms.


What another of your fat ass childish insults?


And yet working Americans are seeing wages growing .
Manufactures are looking to invest in America and manufacture here .
And we seem to be stepping away from a war with North Korea after rocket man pledges to denuke North Korea .
Your childish name calling seem to be the constant here ?


When your out of ammunitions you begin to throw out anything to make you feel better.

Stevie/John will never admit that Trump’s may actually have schusses in being president.


Right, the fat ass TIC takes office and gratuitously ratchets up tensions with North Korea, including threatening to unleash nuclear war on them, and then travels to Asia and slobbers all over the paramount murderous dictator on the planet and it’s typical that his base would see fit to praise him. :roll_eyes:


Your talking points are right off of any M.S.M broadcast !
Your name calling can be heard it any junior hi school yard !


Why are you perennially forgiving of the TIC’s name calling???


Give me an example of his repeated phrasing of the same name calling .



Pull that out of your FA?

Just make to up as you go?


And your despicable record to date:

President Trump and Kim Jong Un - We Just Keep Winning!
World News and Politics
21h - …let alone making any demands in that direction, in fact, the POS declared that Kim “loves his people”. And you guys are slobbering all over the TIC’s fat ass as he gets smoked by Kim. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

California teacher calls US military dumb shits in class
Feb 27 - …speech, or only speech you agree with? Every American has the right to express themselves. It seems to me that the most vial crap can come out of the fat ass TIC’s mouth and all you guys do is laugh and cheer him on. But let somebody point out the TRUTH that our military is being abused and used for ev…

If the FISA memo is nothing, The Left, you have nothing to hide
US News and Politics
Feb 19 - …when he was pandering for your vote. Funny how Obama is constantly blamed by the TIC and his followers for the national debt but fast forward to the fat ass TIC and magically it’s all on congress. Blatant hypocrisy, the daily norm at freebird.

When is a fine not a fine ? The 321 Billion dollar deduction!
US News and Politics
8d - imjimo: Obama added to the national debt ? ODS, good grief dude. The fat ass TIC promised to pay off the national debt in eight years, instead he’s signing legislation that is adding to it and you’re still bitching about O…

Another special election fight
US News and Politics
Jan 25 - …all you people don’t understand about this. Furthermore, and back on topic, Lamb won’t be called upon to vote for or against abortions. That’s a big fat straw man argument. Like the dumb asses that voted for the TIC because he’s supposedly pro life, hmm? How many abortions has the TIC prevented since…

At last Tariffs On E.U., Canada, and Mexico
US News and Politics
15h - …hink we have trade treaties that are deficient, send a SOS managed delegation to Canada (or wherever else) to renegotiate like an adult, and keep the fat ass TIC and his insulting sophomoric twitter diplomacy in the Lou.

Niki Haley fails to get any votes on Gaza Res
US News and Politics
5d - …ize relations with Cuba, and his supporters here, hypocritically silent till now that I’ve stuck your noses in it. Now you’ll be forced to defend the fat ass TIC bringing the murderous despot into our White House. Pathetic.

Feckless Cunt
US News and Politics
6d - Lol, he was elected, twice he won the popular American vote. Something the fat ass TIC will never get to claim. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Mueller Runs Up $16 Million Tab in Trump-Russia Investigation
US News and Politics
4d - …the US to incite a war with Spain and take it from them. It’s US territory now and the obligation exists. And the absolute worse case scenario is the fat ass TIC for 6.5 years, and then the US will take care of it’s obligations in PR again. :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

The Trump Employment Train is rolling time to get on board!
US News and Politics
10d - …Btw, I’m not defending the COC, just pointing to their predictions of job losses and the fact that they’ve been a big supporter of the GOP, until the fat ass TIC started with his nonsense. :rofl: :rofl:

Trump Will Pardon Dinesh D’Souza
Law and Order
12d - docgreen2010: except for DNC heroine Stormy Daniels who wears pearls all over her face and chest. Yep, and it was the fat ass TIC placing them there while his wife was dutifully home changing his sons diapers. There’s just nothing left on high ground for the conservative…

Mueller’s appointment was unconstitutional
Law and Order
16d - Lol, he’s got nothing. What you don’t like is that the Republican Party doesn’t like the fat ass TIC.

Populism - Not Conservatism
Political Science
17d - As you see, for the hard core capitalist, money only is the bottom line. Consumer protections from the human weakness of GREED is bad. Oh, and the fat ass TIC’s products are still made overseas.

And we claim Russian meddling, collusion, ROTFLMAO
US News and Politics
Feb 23 - …hat I’ve talked about in the year I’ve been here that most of this board labeled me as anti American for is now being trotted out as a defense of the fat ass TIC. The TIC then is more important to the alt right than their country is. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :jo…

Weapons ban of 2018
Feb 28 - Lol, the fat ass TIC is a fucking moron as his SOS said. Fuck due process, start confiscating guns now. Hahaha :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :jo…

Trade WAR and what it actually means!
Mar 7 - Hahaha, yeah. You’ll probably grin and bear it when the cost of everything starts climbing because you haven’t the fortitude to hold the fat ass TIC accountable. 02:26PM - 04 March 2018 Vox – 4 Mar 18 Trump’s trade war will hurt everyone — the only question is how much "I don’t know anybod…

Maxine Waters is a Low IQ individual
US News and Politics
Mar 13 - The fat ass TIC just called Maxine Waters names again on Saturday and engaged in personal attacks about her because that’s what the crowds come for as he ack…

United Kingdom Desperate to Attack Russia
Mar 13 - …is attacking and accusing American allies in deference to the communists that they claim to hate so in any other circumstances. Had China helped the fat ass TIC become president, they’d be the new fringe rights BFF. Anything to protect that pos psycho in the White House. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Elizabeth Warren punts on DNA test to prove Native American ancestry: ‘I know who I am’ Cherokee claims continue to dog Massachusetts Democrat
US News and Politics
Mar 14 - docgreen2010: she takes $400,000/ yr. to teach ONE class at Hahvahd- The fat ass TIC is a multi BILLIONAIRE who shits on gold toilet seats and you’re begrudging someone earning 400k a year teaching at an ILS. If you hate EW fi…

Countdown to Trump’s Commiefornia Visit
US News and Politics
Mar 13 - California gives two shits about the fat ass TIC.

Governor Ricketts of Nebraska invites NRA Convention to Nebraska
Mar 7 - …eral Democrats about President Trump is because they can’t handle the Reality that they had the Worst possible candidate Indeed, which brought us the fat ass TIC. Now we have to deal with that. The White House turn over is brutal. Nobody wants to work for this asshole. Cohn says Trumps trade war will b…

The only new gun control America needs!
Mar 12 - …mjimo: The left was almost gleeful in reaction to the last school shooting Besides being shameless and sick to suggest, it’s pointing straight at the fat ass TIC who invited the same victims to the White House. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Collecting welfare benefits and Social Securtiy 37 years in the Country ILLEGALLY!
Mar 8 - BigTom: What you’re saying is let him off the hook What I’m saying is that with the fat ass TIC in the White House you have far more to worry about.

How far will the left go to discredit Trump?
US News and Politics
Mar 6 - …President unfortunately. Correct, just as FOX did Obama. That’s how it works. In an attempt to discredit Obama, spending his own money (something the fat ass TIC wouldn’t even do to run for President) Trump sent a team to Hawaii to see what he could prove about Obama’s origins. In the end he had to con…

Teen drawn to ISIS brought homemade bomb to Utah school
Mar 9 - imjimo: Well you will have to admit that scripting the cnn town hall Except that didn’t happen and like the fat ass TIC, you lie. Glenn Haab today acknowledged he omitted some words from an email he got from a CNN producer that he had forwarded to news outlets…

Message to Baltimore police - DON’T DO YOUR JOB!
Law and Order
Mar 8 - docgreen2010: Giant corporations and a Sodom and Gomorrah nightlife in NYC are what keep it alive- Which the fat ass TIC is a huge contributor of.

Parkland Shooter Used 10 Round Magazines Larger Magazines Would Not Fit In His Bag
Mar 6 - … And Obama was suppose to take all the guns away blah blah blah. He was the one that allowed guns on Amtrak and into our national parks, whereas the fat ass TIC is talking about circumstances of confiscating guns without due process, something that he wouldn’t even find much support for amongst democr…

A Hollywood to escape from: Oscars ratings disaster suggests cultural shift
Mar 8 - redhawk: Like all elites out there he can afford to pay for a full-time armed security detail for himself Just like the fat ass TIC.

2018 Media Gridiron Dinner
Mar 7 - No I don’t, I think it’s important to point out that the fat ass TIC is a chicken shit who can’t laugh at himself. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Trump Approval Rating Soars and Liberals are Losing Their Minds
Partner Publications
Feb 28 - …re watching the fringe right attacking law enforcement, whether it’s the DOJ, the FBI or even the local county. Oh, and taking up for Russia, ha. The fat ass tic really has his goslings confused.

The FBI and police bare no responsibility for the shootings in Florida
US News and Politics
Feb 27 - RussianBot: They didn’t save lives because of an internal policy. They saved their jobs first. Well get this, the fat ass TIC declared yesterday that if he’d been at the school, he’d have charged in and confronted the shooter himself, EVEN IF HE DIDNT HAVE A GUN. :jo…

Trump Announces Brad Parscale As His 2020 Campaign Manager
US News and Politics
Feb 27 - …lling out Hillary Clinton I’ve been calling out Hillary Clinton for years, and I’ve stated on THIS forum repeatedly that one of two promises that the fat ass TIC made me if I voted for him was to lock her up. Then, as soon as he became president elect, he said, ha fooled ya, I don’t care about that any…

Mueller Indicts 13 Russians and 3 Russian Entities
Law and Order
Feb 18 - …t. You have selective sight or you didn’t read the 37 pages of the indictment. Did you catch H. R. Mc Master’s comments yesterday that infuriated the fat ass TIC? How about the TIC’s tweet that sought to humiliate McMaster? The TIC claims that McMaster forgot to mention things that the indictment (whic…

Trump Threatens to Pull Immigration Officers from California
Partner Publications
Feb 24 - …rants don’t care how far society falls, as long as they get to rule over it Right, and he’s doing quite well at that. There’s a few promises that the fat ass TIC made while candidate that I would like to have seen materialize. First and foremost was his promise to PAY OFF the ND during his eight years…

Trudeau sentences 2000 N. Koreans to DEATH
Feb 20 - Claire: In this country We’re discussing Canada. People lied on their immigration papers. You’d have no problem with the fat ass TIC deporting them, why the stink eye at Trudeau besides another partisan opportunity to jab a liberal hypocritically, hmm?

Trump’s approval rating tops Obama’s at same point in presidency
US News and Politics
Feb 13 - …against him. McGhan and Kelly knew about this and swept it under the rug, a demonstration of the lacking quality and integrity of the people that the fat ass TIC is surrounding himself with. Not until a British news paper uncovered this was the White House forced to act. Which is what we’ve been forcin…

The crash is coming
US News and Politics
Feb 12 - …ket, taking credit for something you have very little influence over and then slunk away and blame somebody else for the down turns. Actually, if the fat ass TIC had a lick of sense he wouldn’t have said anything about the Dow all year. But he’s FAR TOO narcissistic for modesty or humility. Now, he own…

“If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep,”
Jan 25 - …e House just announced that 1.8 million immigrants will get pathway to citizenship. They’ll trade that for 25 Billion for a border wall. And here the fat ass TIC promised two dozen times that Mexico was going to pay for it to the cheers of his base. Now he’s negotiating with Schumer because Mexico told…

A great way to spend our tax dollars
US News and Politics
Jan 22 - …to see all wasteful spending and needless entitlement spending eliminated. Good gawd dude, we’ve wasted tens of millions of dollars just getting the fat ass TIC to the golf course and back. That despite the fact that the candidate promised that he’d be too busy working, but in reality he’s been golfin…

Stopping the Volcano in Hawaii:
23h - Let’s cork that thing with the TIC’s fat ass and kill two birds with one stone. :wink: :wink:

Crash the economy of working American’s
US News and Politics
1d - …eed to not much more than they have in the past. The hypocrites berated Obama for seeking to normalize relations with Cuba, and are licking the TIC’s fat ass for treating this thug better than our closest allies. Truly a pathetic display of patronizing garbage.

Trump Immigration Plan Released
Jan 25 - …ing it. Trump can now say he offered DACA but the Democrats didn’t want it. Lol, the TIC isn’t going to be worrying about Mexicans as Mueller has his fat ass by the short hairs. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Trump’s New Tariffs
US News and Politics
Jan 24 - …tempt to force America to accept 800000 illegal aliens ! Um, the TIC is on record stating that government shutdowns are the presidents fault. So that fat ass owns it. Also, he’s so damn stupid that he tweeted out that a good government shutdown is what America needs. Yeah, that’s the fat dumb ass that…

DACA Recipients Temporarily Block Disneyland Entrance
Jan 26 - …rallies. Remember when he said “Who’s going to pay for the wall” and the low information retarded trumpians would shout “Mexico”. Lmfao. And now the fat TIC is trading 2 MILLION illegals for a plea of 25 Billion for the wall that his minions thought Mexico was going to pay for. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Again/Still Trump refuses to implement Russian Sanctions
US News and Politics
Jan 30 - …lease Russia and have better relations with them? Laugh my ass off. Total horseshit, you don’t give a damn about Russia, it’s your obsession with the fat TIC who could murder someone on fifth ave in broad daylight and you’d still be his water boy, HE SAID SO. By the way, Russia, China, the UK, France a…

Parkland high school shooting: suspect in custody, senator says ‘many dead’
Law and Order
Feb 21 - You like what he did so he’s not the fat tic. Your uninformed as to what an AR15 is and that 15 million exist in the US today and growing. The were not purchased for home defense or for mass…

That’s just your FA rant. Want more??

You probably equal Trump making you no better than trump


We might poke the bear, the president might get upset with us. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

MAGA baby


Another example of Trumps policies harming American business. :roll_eyes:


Who was it launching ICBMs over Japan and threatening Alaska, Guam and eventually Washington DC?

Oh look… Kim got busy when Obama took office… Trump started his term with a nuclear capable NK and the first 9 months finished off Kim’s testing of all of his short, medium and long range missiles… Trump didn’t ratchet anything up… he just told rocket man to stop fucking around with his obnoxious saber rattling. We will see if Trump is played or not but he could not just continue Obamas policies… Hell, we would have been sending pallets of cash to Kim by now.